Here are some Q&As with Jay regarding his visit to Fickstutenmarkt. If you have any more questions for him please let me know.  🙂

Was it all safe sex?

Yes it was all safe sex. From all the mares I saw there, everyone wore white hoods (as opposed to red) – safe sex.

How long did it go for?

Things ended by 11ish so it went on for about 4 hrs?

Describe the other mares?

There was a mix of mares. A mixture in terms of body types, age groups etc. There were two very blond, tall, muscular mares. Some older, heavier set ones. Mostly slim to athletic.

How long was your break?

I took about a 10 – 15 minute break throughout. Yup, I worked hard that night.

Was there one particular stallion who stood out? Why?

I think 2 stallions stood out. Stood out in contrast to each other. One was the stallion with the really thick cock who fucked hard, rough and worked me like it was a rape.

The other stallion covered me for quite some time. Fucking me in various places – probably to show me off. He was gentle. And he worked my tits well.