There is some incredible talent on X-Tube (if you can find the good videos amongst some of the crap on there).  One of the hottest boys is Shinywarm – who is an extraordinary power bottom.  🙂  I had hoped to meet him on my trip to America next year, but lucky for him, and unlucky for me, he is temporarily living in Sweden.  🙂

His profile on X-Tube:

I was lucky enough to interview him recently:

Andrew: Your videos on xtube are incredibly hot. Why do you like posting videos of yourself?

Shinywarm: It started off when I saw this other bottom playing with his ass on some videos on this site called dudesnude. I thought he was super hot, and I wanted to be like him. He just seemed so free and confident. So then I started doing some myself. It is a very liberating thing. Also, I used to watch xtube videos occasionally and I thought there was too much POV action, so I thought I would bring in a little variety.

You’re clearly very experienced as bottom – when were you first fucked and was it a good experience?

I was first fucked at the age of 17. I had this profile on manhunt and I was asking for big dicked tops to ram me. I found one. He picked me up and took me to his place in West Hollywood and fucked me for a few minutes. It was a good experience. I am amazed that it wasn’t painful at all; his cock was about 8×6 inches big. I thought it was lovely.

Is there anything that you’d like to film that you haven’t yet?

I really wanna do a gang bang video, but it’s really hard to set one of those up. Tops say they’re in and then they back out. It is my dream though, and I hope I get to make one soon.

How often do you have sex?

Not that often, at least I don’t think. In the past 5 months I’ve had sex an average of one time a month. I’m not that lucky when it comes to finding hot tops to have sex with.

What kind of guys are you attracted to?

I generally like ’em bigger, stronger, more muscular. I love being the little spoon with guys like that. And a big dick is always good.

How old are you? How do you describe yourself to others?

I’m 21 years old. I usually describe myself as a twink or a boy. I’ve never felt like a “man,” even though I am old enough to be considered one. I feel like a kid inside.

Have your videos on X-Tube encouraged other tops to get in contact with you and fuck you?

Yeah! I’ve met a couple of tops that way actually. It’s great!

Do you think that posting videos have encouraged you to be more confident and outgoing sexually?

I used to have a pretty low self-esteem before. I feel that making videos helped me become comfortable in my own body. You know, when you have been telling yourself that you’re not attractive most of your life, and all of a sudden people tell you the opposite, you question that. It helps. It has definitely made me more outgoing sexually. It’s made me feel more in control in a way. I don’t think I am as submissive as I used to be when I first started having sex.

What about in every day life – does your sexual confidence translate into confidence in other aspects?

I second-guess myself more often than I should. I don’t think that my sexual confidence helps with that. I guess it’s just a different persona. We all act differently with our peers than with our mother than with with our sexual partners. In the end it just depends on the other person and the kind of energy they bring out in me. It’s different for every situation.

Prior to getting fucked had you practiced with toys? Have you always liked putting things up your butt?

Prior to getting fucked I had mostly just fingered myself in the shower. I bought my first toy about a year after my first sexual experience. I’ve always wanted things up my ass though. I think it was around first grade when I realized I wanted to get taken from behind, by a man. I don’t know why. Some people think that’s freaky or not normal, or that my parents are to blame… but not everyone develops at the same rate and in the same way. That’s just the way I happened to develop. It probably was a lot of things that made me grow up with sexual thoughts at that age.

Have you experienced any group sex?

Yes! I have been tag-teamed once, gang banged twice, and once I went to a sauna and got fucked by 3 guys once. Two tops tried to double penetrate me, but it didn’t work out. Their cocks were too big for me. I hope that I can handle two dicks at the same time someday though.

I see from your profile you will be spending some time in Europe – are you planning on heading to any of the big European sex parties or event? Fickstutenmarkt, Hustlaball or even just spending time at Lab in Berlin?

I never considered going to a sex party until you brought it up just now! They sound crazy! I might go now that you brought them to my attention, though. But I suppose if I did, I wouldn’t be able to film. I like to film because often times I will have some pretty amazing sex and I feel bad because I can’t share that experience with others.

Have you ever thought of doing more professional porn? And perhaps showing your face?

My friend and I have had discussions about me doing professional porn. I don’t think I could, unless I could wear my mask. The way people think about sex right now, it would ruin my future career options if I did. If I didn’t have to worry about that, I would definitely love to do it. And I don’t see myself taking off my mask for a video in the near future. It’s actually really good at keeping my identity hidden. One of my friends, who is an avid Xtube viewer, didn’t know that I was the bottom in my videos until I told him. He didn’t recognize my voice either, which I think is pretty distinct.

Thanks for talking with us.  🙂

Thanks for the interview. 🙂