It’s so nice to see Soxster boys out in the world achieving their sexual potential. You might remember a post from last week where Jay recounted his experience at Fickstutenmarkt in Germany. Here is an email I got from him with some exciting news.

Hey Andrew

I was just informed by the organisers of fickstutenmarkt that I was voted ‘Mare of the Month’ in the Leipzig fickstutenmarkt!
Here is what they wrote:
Last Saturday, December 7th you came to our horse fair party (Fickstutenmarkt) in Leipzig and participated in the „Mare of the Month“ contest.
After just having evaluated all casted ballots, I  -as the bearer of good tidings-   would like to inform you that you won the contest and were elected as our “Mare of the Month, December 2013 in Leipzig”.Do allow me to send you our most sincere and cordial congratulations.We would like to honour your achievement in our “Hall of Fame” and require a picture photograph of you again with your permission which will be posted in our web-site column (face picture not necessary).  In the e-mail attachment, do find the pictures we took of you at the horse fair; maybe you like it and might want that picture to be posted in the “Hall of Fame”.
Thought I should share that with you!
I’m so proud of Jay for getting Mare of the Month.  🙂 Well done.
The pic was taken at the fair before it began….