A question from a reader:

A friend and I are coming to Melbourne on our first stop on a Kinky holiday starting in Melbourne and have been curious about “The Gatehouse”.

Do you know much about this place, there really isn’t much info on the Internet about it…

Basically trying to find out what is available there, is it clean/sanitary (e.g. don’t have to worry about bedbugs, crabs,  etc.)

We’ve stayed in Melbourne before for an awesome Kinky holiday but there’s only so much you can do in a hotel in terms of restraints etc…

Any thought/help would be much appreciated!

Hi there,

The Gatehouse doesn’t really advertise much as there is a high demand for their rooms already. 🙂

It is essentially an old Victorian house/shop – given the area that it is located in I would guess that it’s probably around a hundred years old.

It has been converted so that it has four rooms. Each room has two levels. On the lower level each room has a sling, a fuck horse and a bondage wall. On the upper level, which is reached via wooden ladder, there is a double bed.

Given what occurs in the rooms, they are clean. Of course, it is really hard to remove Crisco from everything and so somethings downstairs may occasionally be a little tacky to the touch.

I don’t think there would be any problem with bedbugs, etc. I’ve always found the linen to be clean.

The other benefit is that it’s quite inexpensive to stay there compared to other Melbourne hotels – so good for budget conscious kinksters.

A few tips:

– Try to book Room 3 if you can as it’s the largest

– Rooms 1, 2 and 3 have hidden panels you can open to let the sunshine in (otherwise the room has no windows)

– There is a shared bathroom with toilet and shower, and a separate power room with toilet/sink (between the four rooms)

– They stock the fridge with orange juice and milk, and provide toast, etc. So you can save money on breakfast

– You collect the keys from Club 80 (which is a kink sex on site premises). It is located just around the corner from the Gatehouse.

– You get free entry to Club 80 – even if you don’t want to cruise there, you can still have a look around. It’s interesting!

The novelty of the Gatehouse will probably rub off after three nights – so if you are in Melbourne for a week consider staying there for three nights and somewhere else for the rest of the time. 🙂

How long are you in Melbourne for?

Pics of gatehouse attached.

IMG_0631 - low res IMG_0645 - low res IMG_0650 - low res IMG_0643 - low res

AWESOME, thank you so much!

We’re thinking of staying just the one night and really go for it that night then stay in a really nice hotel or apartment the rest of our stay in Melbourne…

Being 2 Kinksters <25 into rubber and bondage, this place looks fucking awesome!

Again, thank you for your help!

Always happy to provide young guys with advice. 😉