I’ve been talking with a young guy this week who I shall refer to as Snappy who seems to know exactly what he wants. He’s just turned 18 and hasn’t had a lot of sexual experience – or to put it more accurately hasn’t had any at all. Nonetheless his interest in BDSM is long standing. I asked Snappy to describe where his interest in BDSM started and how he pictured his first session and this was his response.

As a kid who looked for porn to watch before his parents came home from work on his computer, I would always somehow end up on the Fetish part. My love for it grew when I realised that the possibilities were endless when it came to BDSM, Leather, punishment, pain and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Enter mid 2013, I had found a site that would constantly update with new information, pictures and even video’s of boys enjoying different kinks, fetishes and was even in my own city. Soxster. I would fap to it all of the time like any boy does, the the reality of it was even more exciting when the man behind one of my most visited sites messaged me a few days ago.

If we rewind a few years, I never really knew where my fascination with BDSM began. I remember a mate once showing me the movie “Exit to Eden” and I thought that was cool how those men were tied up or used as slaves. Like many, I realised my sexuality early on in my teens – so my internet history would always be filled with words like “slaveboy”, “master”, “dominate”, “pain” or whatever else I could think of. The rest of the internet opened me up about the likes of anal play, chastity, CBT play and my own personal favourite pup-play.

Being younger I haven’t tried most of these things, but that’s soon about to change (calendars pending), with Soxster. He asked me to write down and envision what I think my first session would look and feel like, and how I pictured the ethos of it. Did I imagine a forceful or friendly nature, him being a master or a teacher. I immediately replied with I want all of those things supplied by a dominate Master. Having read the blog posts on this site I know that the best thing is to start slowly and that’s how I imagine it. Developing trust is important, of course and is different from when online to being in the same room as each other. I imagine it that after meeting, I am blindfolded and brought to my knees whilst the man I’m so engulfed in inspects me, developing a bond, touching every crevice that is now his to play with for the next few hours. He has seen it all, but the thrill of playing with someone new burns deep in his eyes, as if he feeds off inexperience. It takes a while until he is satisfied. He moves me to a different area where I get accustomed to other novelties i’m yet to try. Toys I could only dream of being presented, all whilst i’m blindfolded (possibly gagged?), and begging for more. He is both a teacher and a master. They are the same thing. Whether it be learning to suck him properly or telling me to wait whilst he leaves me, I develop character, as well as tenacity and a flare for serving, more than I had already known. I’ve always been interested in chastity, and being locked in it whilst Sir opens me up in his infamous swing would be icing on the cake. Finally, after playing with my hole for a while, he takes me and the bond of trust continues to grow. I’m excited to finally be a part of something i’ve been so interested in for so long and cannot wait to endeavour into the BDSM community more with Soxster and others along the way