I’ve been genuinely pleased to read about “double dick dude” who did a “ask me anything” session on Redit recently. It was great not just because he talked about his double appendages but also about his bi sexuality, polyamorous relationship, his love of fisting and sounding, views on sexuality and did it all with good humor and a great attitude.

I do have an exceptionally thick cock. I was discussing double dick dude with a friend who observed that if I visited certain asian countries with lax medical ethics I could probably have mine converted into two regular size ones.

There then following a mildly racist impression of an asian doctor of dubious repute making a number of observations.

“Yeah we can give you two – no problem”

“In fact if you want to go for three we can do that – but they in asian size”

“If you want to donate one that no problem”.

We’re terrible.  😉

It is well worth a read: