Boys into serious ass play often know the names of various dildos better than their acquaintances. One such massive toy is Victor.

I recommended that a particular soxster boy acquire this toy – as it’s the next step up for boys who have conquered BAM.

I just got this message:

To give you a laugh !! After unwrapping Victor and washing him, I put him on top of a secretaire in our lounge as an ornament ! While doing the housework , the husband moved him to a painted black ledge above our bed. While repositioning Victor to another location…. Victor tore the paint from the ledge, leaving a perfect circular white patch for me to cover before settlement of the property 🙂 Victor is One, heavy, sticky , Mother fucker !!!

If it can do that to a surface – imagine what it will do to his ass.  😛

A pic of Sissyboy taking Victor during a recent show.  🙂

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 2.46.26 AM