I have been chatting with a cute 18yo named Snappy for sometime. I christened him Snappy due to his fondness for Snapchat.  🙂

He’s a virgin and we had planned to spend quite a lot of time together on Monday, which was a public holiday – part of the Australia Day long weekend.

Unfortunately, acting a little too sterotypically like a typical 18 year old, he decided to consume a fair bit of alcohol on the Sunday celebrating our national day – which meant he was NOT in good shape for the Monday.

Obviously, I would have preferred him to have been in  much better shape than he was – but I do give him points for not cancelling and at least making it to my house. I think he’s learned a valuable lesson and he will certainly remember his first time licking someone’s balls – even if we didn’t get to go much further than that.

He will definitely get another chance to please me. I think the adrenalin high he was on at the start of the session overcame his general seediness – but that couldn’t last indefinitely.

Here is his write up of the session….

What should have been a day filled with naughty pleasure, didn’t exactly turn out to be what I expected when I went to the city to finally meet the illustrious Soxster I had heard so much about and had been speaking to for a few weeks.

Given the fact that it was the Australia Day weekend the day before – you can put two and two together when I say I had a few too many beverages that night, which lead to a very hungover and sick self when I got to the apartment.

When I got there, I was blindfolded in the hallway, completely able to be seen by everyone else that lived in the building on that level – I liked it.

I was brought inside and collared, with restraints placed on my wrists and ankles. Then, stripped naked down to my jockstrap (brand new and never worn).

Hands ran down my skin, around every crevice of my body, my hair was pulled, I was complete left in control to a person I hadn’t even seen with my own eyes yet.

I was taught to moan when I liked something and signal when I didn’t, though I didn’t pick it up first. I was too busy taking everything in to make noises, even when I was spanked with a fur lined paddle for the first time.

By this time, my dick had been extremely hard and tenting out in my jockstrap. It was fumbled with, teased and then brought to attention of the room when my jock was removed. Completely vulnerable, a slave for the greater good.

I was led to another part of the apartment where I got acquainted with a cock, in between us a jockstrap. I licked up and down of my new Master’s cock, trying to make him harder and harder, I felt the pre cum with my fingers and tasted it with my mouth.

I was spanked then and there also, it was all so new, and so amazing.

I was then lead to a bed where continue the cock-sucking journey, my first one!

I started off with the balls and was taught how to lick and service them like a proper slave, tending to what my Master liked. He demonstrated on me a few times and I loved it.

Before I got to his cock however, a feeling of sickness overcame me. I couldn’t continue as much as I wanted to, maybe lying on my stomach didn’t help.

I had conned my own self out of a day of so much fun and pleasure and I take complete responsibility.

After I couldn’t continue, I lay there and got acquainted with Andrew, we chatted whilst he spooned me and made me feel a bit better. He was a great help and I still feel so bad about having to leave the session early.

So – let this be a lesson to you, don’t drink heavily the night before a session, or any important event for that matter. I want to thank Andrew though for being kind and understanding. I can’t wait for the punishment to follow for it.  🙂