A couple of months ago I had a session with a young guy who didn’t have a lot of experience. The session was going well, but after about an hour he suddenly lost the submissive mindset. It absolutely happens from time to time and I respect the fact he decided he decided to end the session. Since then we’ve made times to catch up, but he’s always ended up cancelling.  He’s cute as hell, and obviously going on a journey of self discovery in relation to being a sub. The reason I’m being so understanding is that he’s always been honest with me, and let me know before he cancelled a session – which means he’s a nice guy with good manners.  He emailed me recently and I thought I would share a couple of emails we have exchanged. I thought it was important to share my views on what I expect from a sub. I don’t share the view of some masters that subs are there to be used, abused and degraded. Quite the contrary. To have someone submit to you is a beautiful and special thing. They are giving you their trust, their devotion and have a desire to pleasure. It is an extraordinary thing – and it takes a very special boy to do this. My objective with boys is not to break them down – it is for them to have an experience that empowers them. A session that they can walk out knowing that they have achieved something. They should be able to face the world knowing they can take whatever the world throws at them. I want to make them sexually confident and have them take that confidence out into the world.

hello sir its me again.

I don’t know what it is but i cant stay away and its only at the last minute that i get nerves and pull out, being a bottom and serving men and women has always been a turn on for me but when ever i get to the real deal i always get nerves and start questioning myself when i know i will enjoy it, ive been watching a lot of sissy hypno videos lately and have been reading your site and i would like to try again for a session with alot of cock sucking and some anal play and maybe with some dress up if that’s an option.also if you have any advice or tips for me that would be very much appreciated. hope to see you soon.

Hey there

There’s no hurry for you to act on your urges. I have no doubt that one day you will enjoy the pleasure of serving a man or woman – but it’s totally ok for that to be a great thought for now. If you really want to act on it then nothing would give me greater pleasure than to take you through it. But I’m prepared to wait until you are ready.

I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about how I like to create confident slave boys – I want you to submit to me and in doing so realise the beauty and strength that comes from serving someone. I want you to let me use and abuse you and have walk out of here standing taller and being a more confident boy who knows you can take it.

I want your sessions to make you into a stronger boy – who faces the world with confidence and draws strength from knowing he can take what I can inflict on you.

If you decide you want to submit to me – suggest a time….

I’ve thought about what you’ve said and i think I’m ready to try again i just have to get myself in the right mind set which i have been lately. also could we focus on cock sucking as this is a area which really turns me on.