I’m in Texas at the moment, unfortunately without any time to give the local boys what they apparently need. 😉

However, I was very impressed with the profile text of a hot boy on Recon and I thought it was worth sharing as it represents something extremely close to other attitude I look for in boys that I want to have a long term relationship with. Beautifully articulated. 🙂

Strength Is A Lifestyle

Reach out and take control. That is what I look for in a partner, sexual or otherwise. I love to serve and service, but my true pleasure comes from feeling that my top is completely in control of the situation. He is a true Alpha, and knows that I am his Omega. He dominates, controls, but never belittles or degrades. He knows that I am CHOOSING to serve him, to trust him, to let him take complete control, and to completely surrender myself to his power and presence, and he protects me accordingly. I’m not looking for a scene, or play. I’m looking for a lifetime. A strong, confident man who is decisive and powerful, who can make me submit to him with a word, a look, a simple gesture, then hold me through the night. A man with whom I can share my innermost secrets and desires without fear of ridicule or judgment. He is a gentleman outside of the bedroom, opening doors and pulling out chairs, because he respects me and my choice to be his. I can include him in all aspects of my life, including family and friends, as he will include me in his. If you are that man, step up and claim your prize, for my heart is truly a prize and should be treasured accordingly. If not, good fortune on your journey to find what you seek.