I have been talking with a young man in his 20s who will be coming for a session when he is next in Melbourne. He mentioned he had been to Hustlaball and I asked him write up his impressions.

I’ve been to the Hustlaball in 2012. It was really cool. I went with a friend. Actually I had no idea what I was going to see. For me, I thought it would be another normal festival, like Circuit in Barcelona. But it was really crazy. When I was there I was in shock. I had no idea that people were going to fuck all over the parties, group sex with more than 100 guys and everything was an ordinary thing.


At the first night, we went in a pre drinks in Axel Hotel. After that we went to a club that have a player room in the basement. That night was crazy. Usually for normal gay clubs we have dark room and that’s the most dirty thing. For Germans, the dark room is only one feature of the player floor. Everybody fucks everybody in front of everybody. And I think this is the fetish. I was amazed. Since I did not know that was waiting for us. I got fucked by some guys. And it was the most amazing experience I ever have. It feels like being a porn movie and everybody watching.


At the second night, we had the award party. We got VIP tickets and we saw them filming a porn movie. Very dirty and hardcore. I felt sorry for Sebastian Keys (I did not know him before). The guys were really mean with him, but I think he loved it. But it looked like really painful. This night was quite shocking for me. Tons of guy having sex, a lot of them not using condoms. Some of them just dancing naked, someone comes from behind and bare fuck them, they don’t even see the face.


I heard about the Horse Fair party, I was dying to go, but my fear was bigger than my curiosity. Everything was so new for me. I thought that party would be too much. My friend tried to go, but the line for stallions was huge so he couldn’t get in the party. Maybe I need someone with more experience to guide me and take care.


One of the night I did not go. I was too tired of parties and sightseeing. Berlin is beautiful!


In my last night I was like, I don’t wanna see people fucking anymore for the next 6 months, but than next day I realized how amazing everything was. I would love to go back there. Maybe go to the horse fair market, but as a stallion, juts to check first and than go as a mare. But I’m so paranoid. After I came back from Hustlaball I did like 6 HIV tests. LOL