I’m having a great time in America at the moment – but I have something to look forward to when I return to Australia. Charlie will be flying to Melbourne to spend a full weekend with me. Adorable, sexy and eighteen years old, it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a few days. I asked him to write up his expectations for the weekend – and here they are.

In a couple of weeks I’m heading back to Melbourne again. Andrew has graciously offered to host me at his place for a weekend, and has asked me to write up a few things I’m hoping or expecting to do over the course of the weekend. I was going to write out a whole list of things that I wanted to do, but I quickly realized that I, in fact, didn’t really have much of a clue as to what I expected, or even what I wanted to do on my weekend with Andrew. 


I mean, it’s pretty easy to imagine that there will be some assplay involved (which I’m actually kind of anxious about given my mild/extreme ineptitude when it comes to taking things in my ass, despite my efforts to alleviate my inability), sucking, bondage and plenty of abuse, but specifics? I don’t really know. As I’ve tried to make clear, I’m super inexperienced, with only a handful of meets, whereas Andrew has countless experiences with an innumerable number of boys. As such, what I want for this meet is for Andrew to do whatever he wants. As much of a cop-out that may seem, again, he knows much more than me about this sort of thing, and I’ve gotten to know him well enough that I trust him to make decisions as to what he wants to do. 


Well, actually, I guess things that I would like to do would be massively improving my assplay abilities, especially in regards to endurance, so that I can actually take a proper fucking from Andrew, rather than the short one that I got the first time I visited him. Since the weather is less ridiculously hot this time some tighter/more restrictive bondage would be top. Other than that, I just want to try and experience as much as I can, so that in the future I can make proper choices in my meets. I’m really looking forward to my weekend with Andrew, though admittedly I’m pretty nervous about spending an entire weekend there, though I’m sure  as I lie back in the sling all those nerves will go away.