I’ve been in New York for nearly three weeks and it’s getting close to the time I need to head home. I haven’t played with as many boys as you might think, or as I’d like to, but that’s because there is something that is almost as good as sex – and that’s a broadway show. Regular readers of my missives who are show literate will have picked up on a large number of subtle and blatant theatre references.

I will return home soon having seen more than twenty performances but I thought that as this blog is about sex and sexuality it was worth mentioning tonight’s show – Queen of the Night. This is an intimate cabaret for two hundred and fifty people – that requires around a hundred staff per day by the time you add up the kitchen staff and performers. The piece includes food and performance in a lush space that has been created for the work.

It is a sensual and sexual extravaganza that impressed me a great deal. One performer in particular impressed me – who now has my email address – please use it. 🙂


I dream of the day that soxster.com can produce a similar, decadent, sexual, leather clad performance piece. Anyone want to invest?