I had a really good first session with a horny bi boy a few weeks ago.  When I did something to him it became a thing for him to say “waah” in an humorous and dramatic way – so I’ve decided to refer to him as Wahmiq.  🙂

He never saw me – he blindfolded on entry until he left.  We focused on bondage, cock sucking, sounding, ball shaving and mummification – enjoy his review of the session and some of photos.

my session as a soxster boy has been great we finally got to meet. as i was on my way to his apartment i was excited and couldn’t wait to have our session. he had me outside his apartment made me turn my back around, my heart was going crazy i then heard him open his door and got blind folded.once inside he had me pinned against the door blind folded not knowing what was going to happen next.by this stage i was so horny my cock was ice and hard i was under his control for the next 4 hours. he then stripped my clothes off and the fun had started. we did heaps in our session my highlight of the session would be the bondage. had me bound in a harness that was custom made for his slaves it felt great on not being able to move or escape tried so many times to escape but it didn’t work. by that stage i knew i was all his and he had all the power was so excited nervous not knowing what was going to happen next.I enjoyed the mummification he did an amazing job wrapping me up felt great to not be able to move. it was torture and loved every second of it. i loved sucking his huge cock it was great. to be wrapped up from head to toe in tape and wrap was wonderful. he had me on his bed at his mercy couldn’t see moved touch nothing was a useless slut boy at sirs mercy. after that he had got me on his sling, which was very interesting, as its the first time i have ever been put in one. the feeling was great as i was tied to his sling he worked my little tight boi cunt. i loved every second of it.i cant wait for the next session i have with soxster as i know it will be more full on

Yes, it will be more full on….  😉

IMG_4228 IMG_4234 IMG_4237 IMG_4240 IMG_4243 IMG_4245 IMG_4248 IMG_4255 IMG_4256 IMG_4261 IMG_4264 IMG_4267 IMG_4269 IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4273 IMG_4292 IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4304 IMG_4312 IMG_4315 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4322 IMG_4324 IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4336 IMG_4339 IMG_4346 IMG_4349 IMG_4354 IMG_4360 IMG_4362 IMG_4365 IMG_4368 IMG_4372 IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4383