I will post the pics from this session soon, but first here is Wahmiq’s perspective.  🙂

so once again i got to see soxster the other night rocked up to his place for my second session with him. this time around i was blind folded at the door upon entry again was excited nervous i love the not knowing part it drives me insane was blind folded then led to the room where he had other bois as well as myself.it was a crazy session once again he had me mummified all night not being able to move or do anything it was torture.all i could do is hear the other boys getting used and soxster had me at his mercy yet again tried so hard to break out of the tape and wrap but he did an incredible job in mummifying me once again.he then grabbed an electro probe and teased me with it. i felt useless knowing i couldn’t do anything but take it and deal with it at the time. i was left there for over three hrs to ponder in my thoughts and think of what was going to happen next. i enjoyed my session with soxster and the other boys and look forward to my next session with him again.