A boy I’ve played with on a number of occasions, who is essentially straight with a long term female partner, has been having some interesting adventures which he has agreed to share. Enjoy!

It’s been more than a decade since I graduated from high school. These days, however, it’s not uncommon for me to start a weekday morning seated before my final year homeroom teacher.

Not everything is the same though. Instead of sitting behind classroom desks, ‘homeroom’ is now Mr C’s bedroom in his home, an inner city apartment located two blocks from the offices I work in. The uniform I wear is now much simpler. Instead of shirt, tie, blazer and pants, I’ve now progressed to a new uniform – nothing. “Tuck your shirt in, Dean!” is no longer something I hear when I walk into homeroom. Instead, Mr C is more likely to demand that I disrobe quickly and let everything hang out.

There’s no roll call either. No announcements from the principal, no homework to chase, no reminders about library books or signing up to study group. Homeroom now has one purpose, for me to open my mouth as wide as I can and let Mr C have his way with it. He decides what happens from session to session, what teaching approach to adopt. Sometimes I do the work, bobbing back and forward across his cock or lapping at his balls as a roll them around with my tongue. Other mornings he gives me more direction, grabbing the side of my head and fucking my face. There’s a certain inevitability about homeroom, regardless of which approach Mr C takes with me. These days it culminates with Mr C pulling out from my mouth and depositing his load in my crotch.

The homeroom guarantee is that I always get a load of his cum in my crotch. Always. Sometimes, if I do well orally, Mr C will allow me relief too meaning that my crotch is covered in at least two sticky messes. I average a ‘B’ from my homeroom teacher these days. That means my crotch gets coated in two loads of cum more often than not, but not during every homeroom. I’m looking to improve.

So how does a guy in his early 30s end up replicating homeroom with his former teacher? A hook-up ap. A couple of weeks’ of back and forward flirting with an older guy in decent shape. A realisation that learning is a lifelong process. An acceptance that your teacher has the potential to continue to teach, inspire and surprise you.