I had a really amazing session with a hot 18yo named Kael a few weeks ago. I saw his advertisement on Craig’s list which indicated that he was 18, horny, a virgin and wanted to get fucked ASAP. I found out later that he was absolutely determined to have someone pop his cherry before he turned 19 two days later.

“I’m in the CBD and I want my virgin hole stretched badly. The bigger the better. I will absolutely let anyone have their way with me and I am very open to new things and will try anything. So whoever wants to take my anal virginity, contact me and we can head off somewhere secluded”

In other words, this kid wanted to get fucked and he wanted to get fucked NOW!

We exchanged a number of messages and agreed to meet at my place after work.  The day at work passed very slowly.  I was trying not to get my hopes up too high….I mean he sounded too good to be true.  I couldn’t entirely discount the possibility that someone was having some fun at my expense.

For someone who was so bold online with expressing what he wanted, I was a little surprised to find a guy who was softly spoken.  He isn’t shy, but isn’t gregarious either. He’s thoughtful boy and doesn’t say a lot – perhaps he is best characterized as a strong, silent, artistic type. Very hot.

We stripped each other naked and jumped into the shower.  Amazing body – you can see every muscle in his torso. He wasn’t interested in kissing, but seem to rather enjoy the sensations associated with me running my soapy hands over his body. He probably didn’t realize when I was playing with his ass in the shower that I was making sure it was absolutely clean for what I had planned when we got to the bedroom.

His cock is massive, and with his thin body looks even bigger.  Just amazing.

We started with cock sucking, which he had done before. Lots of positions. At one point I had him lying on his back, with his head hanging over the bed as I throat fucked him (and yes, I got a pic of that – see below!).

I started rimming his ass. It was at this point that the pleasure overcame his normal demeanor and he gave a small involuntary moan.  He’s got a great ass….and I really enjoyed rimming it.  We moved onto a blue dildo, about the size of my cock, and I slowly worked his ass. When it was inside him, he reached down and rather impatiently pushed it all the way in. I got the message – this boy may not have been fucked before, but he can take some serious ass play. He took a good dildo fucking – and a deep one.

I gloved up and worked his hole with my hand – and he came impressively close to taking my fist. This is definitely a boy who will be fisted while he is still a teen.  His moans went up a notch or two.  It was time to pop his cherry – and it was the easiest cherry pop I have ever done.

My cock just slid all the way inside and we were into it. He took a really good fucking – and has an amazing ass. We fucked with him on his back, with him riding me, doggy style, on his side – we tried a stack of positions.  It was awesome.  🙂

Eventually, it was time to get him off….as he got close I pounded him hard as he lay on his back stroking his cock. He blew a MASSIVE load over his stomach and chest. He said later in a text message: “I’d love to have your cock in me again. I cummed so hard when you were fucking me”.

He really wants to top – so I’ll have to arrange some of the boys to come around for some group fun. With a cock like that, I’m pretty sure there will be some arguments about who gets to take his ‘top virginity’.   🙂  Can’t wait.

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