I had an awesome session with Red.  In our first session he was blindfolded for most of the time…this time he got to see what was happening. Well mostly.  😉

Without a blindfold, the experience became much more ‘real’ and initially was uncomfortable to deal with. Yet the added excitement of seeing masters cock enter my mouth more than nullified this effect! Additionally, master had fitted me with a pair of jocks identical to his own, making me feel intertwined and obedient. As I bent down, master instructed me on how to please him, teaching me how to suck cock like a proper slave. Sucking his head, then slowly licking my way down to his balls. After his tutoring, master lifted me up to carry me to his bondage room.

The slow process of mummification had begun. Realising how truly helpless and hot I felt, I started having second thoughts. Once the duct-tape had reached my upper legs, I had to sit up rigidly on my knees, quite a balancing act! Once I found myself nearly flopping over. As the duct-tape went around my stomach, I began to feel a barrier whilst inhaling, the tight tape stiffening each one of my breaths. In an attempt to stop this process, I attempted to push out my stomach so once the tape had made its final form, I could relax and have adequate breathing space. But I couldn’t keep this up for long, eventually another layer of tape would catch me off guard when I was exhaling, my buffer-space continued to dwindle until I was forced into a state of submittal to my encasing, total relaxation (albeit not be choice but more the need for self-preservation, if I continued in my state of rushed breathing brought on by a mix of fear and excitement, I would’ve suffered from asphyxiation!).

Once the process was completed, master invited me to struggle; I did so but couldn’t move an inch. I was completely helpless and at the mercy of my master. As promised, master fitted me with a gas mask. It was a weird feeling being totally encased form the outside world; I could see master staring down at me through a slightly distorted lens. For a while he lay there beside me, inviting me to let go and drift off in rubbery goodness! After a long time, Master put his hand over the gas-masks filter muzzle, in order to re-assert his dominance and make sure I knew who was in control. Instinctively I continued breathing, and as I gasped for air a void formed inside my mask, creating a sucking sensation on my face. He released his grip, and I was re-assured he wasn’t a crazed murderer!

Master made a tear in my cocoon, creating room enough for easy ass and cock access. He poured copious amounts of lubricant all over my ass, making sure he could slide his fingers in with ease. In combination with pumping my cock, master slid his fingers in and out in an ever increasing momentum. Yet when I was about to cum, he stopped. This Tortuous process lasted quite a few iterations, I needed to cum! Finally master went through to the end, and for the first time I moaned without encouraging from master (encouragement earlier had included slowly biting at my nipples) 😀 I was proud of myself, hopefully so was my master, though I know I’ve got a long way to go.

I was proud of Red. He’s a very good boy. 😉