I do like playing with Biramaye. He flies in once a year or so and we normally have a pretty good session. I was horrendously busy when he last came to Melbourne, and he didn’t give me much notice, so his ass escaped the good working over that it deserves.  So a pretty standard session where I used and abused him in the way that he enjoys.  One interesting thing was that he wanted to be throat fucked until he threw up – which I did.  I know it’s weird for a blog that regularly features teenage boys being fisted to warn of graphic content, but perhaps the sight of a boy vomiting on his own chest after being throat fucked with his head hanging over the edge of the bed isn’t your thing. Or maybe it is.  You have been warned.  😉  One other thing to look for is that as a result of puppy training, his instinct when lying on his back is to go into submissive pup mode.

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