After our first encounter at the height of summer I knew that I wanted to see Charlie again. The heat had prevented us from doing everything we had wanted to. He had also later confessed that he had lied about his age and was 18 rather than 19 – in the mistaken belief that I would prefer someone slightly older.

I was quite enamored with Charlie. A thin baby bear with a beard and a light covering of fuzz. Someone who is intelligent but also worries too much. In other words, pretty similar to me at his age. Only more adorable.

I could recount all the amazing moments we had together over the three nights he spent with me, but to break the weekend down like that seems a little clinical – and I’d like to focus on how I felt.

When he jumped off the airport bus to meet me I got a crush on him all over again. Charlie has this strange effect on me – he’s eighteen but looks and acts like someone older. I don’t treat him as being a young, innocent teen but rather as a young man. In some twisted way it makes him even more attractive. I consider him an equal most of the time (except when he’s wearing a collar), but when I remember how old he actually is I must confess it does act like a little bit of a turn on. He combines being a mature young man with an innocent boy perfectly.

Any thoughts I had of taking it slow when he arrived just before midnight on Friday were quickly dashed. I had expected that after my long week at work and his long plane flight that it would be a quick play at best. I guess you could say he inspired me – and we played until early in the morning.

Charlie hadn’t had any previous snuggling experience. The last time we played was on a forty degree day that was one day in a heat wave of five days above 40 degrees. It really wasn’t snuggling weather but I was determined to make up for it now. He learned really fast. It wasn’t long that he was well trained to respond to my suggestion to “snuggle up”.

Despite the frequent snuggling over the next few days, it was always me that initiated it. He always responded enthusiastically but it was always me making the suggestion.

On the Sunday we decided to have an evening in and watch the Lego movie – which neither of us had seen. I rearranged the couches so we could lie down to watch it. Just after “Everything is Awesome” he rolled over and snuggled up and his head ended up in the crook of my neck.

My heart just melted.

This is the moment that I’m going to remember more than the others. For all the sucking, fucking, bondage, electro and making out, it was this simple moment where he snuggled in close to me without any prompting that was the highlight.

Not that the other moments weren’t amazing. I’ve previously described his incredible oral talent. His ass is beautiful and I needed to resist buying my face between his cheeks. Making out with him is perfection.

We did a lot of things but his five minute fuck was also incredible. He had, in a moment of passion, suggested the idea of me fucking him for five minutes in the sling. We set up an overhead camera and I slowly slid into his ass. He was obviously in a fair bit of pain but suggestions we stop were rebuffed. The fact he was in pain and wanting to please me was actual an incredible turn on as it showed his devotion to me.

I barely moved his cock for the first three minutes and then started moving a little more as the end of the  five minutes approached. He repeatedly asked me to tell him when there was thirty seconds to go so that he could jerk off.

Over the course of the weekend I had been a little prudent and decided to keep him horny. Despite having sex of one form or another a dozen times he has not yet blown a load.

With thirty seconds to go I lent forward to make out with him and started to increase the pace of the fucking. He started stroking his cock furiously and as the pain turned to extreme pleasure I picked up the pace. The last fifteen seconds I was pounding the hell out of his young ass as he furiously stroked his cock, groaned, and absolutely coated his stomach and chest with white teenage cum.

I held my cock still in his ass for another few seconds, and slowly removed it. I leaned forward and made out with him, as the ever widening pool of liquid on his torso mixed with our chest hair and threatened to fuze us together.

Damn it.

I’m smitten.