I first did a session with Joel when he was 19 – and he’s grown up a bit since then. It’s time to do what every good bottom boy should do once in his life – got to Fickstutenmarkt in Germany and get gang fucked. They grow up so fast. But no good things happen without practice….so I’m looking forward to following his journey. In Joel’s words:

Although I often oscillate between the desires to fuck and be fucked, my heart belongs to bottoming.

The problem is, I don’t know how good I am at it.

My experiences, which are many and varied thanks largely to regular sauna attendance, are sometimes earth-shatteringly good. But too often my arse just doesn’t seem up for the ride.

In some situations, a guy might rush to jab his dick into me when nothing so big as a finger has invaded that space for a fortnight.

Once in, a cock can feel too big, too long, too straight, too curved.

Sometimes it even feels uncomfortably hot in my ass with a cock inside me (weird, I know.)

But for some reason, this is never enough to deter me, and as a result, I’ve had some truly incredible bottoming experiences.

Among my favourites is the time I hired porn star and escort Rogan Richards to fuck me. We met at Subway Sauna in Melbourne, and somehow I magically opened up for his impressive, dark pole of Indian-Australian meat.

How is it then that my arse can swallow Rogan whole to the point that he is throwing his entire weight into me, but at other times, including a couple of occasions I’ve met with Andrew from Soxster, my backside has been unwilling to come to the party?

So with my love of and uncertainty over bottoming in mind, you’ll understand both my excitement and hesitance about attending Fickstutenmarkt, or Horse Fair, the infamous mare and stallion sex party that take place in and around Germany.

I’ve heard a lot of about these, mostly from Andrew.

Since first hearing about them, it’s been a dream to attend, and to attend as a mare (bottom).

“What the fuck are you thinking?” I can hear you scream at your computer. “You, who has just admitted to be a dodgy bottom at best, wants to offer up your arse to possible dozens of rabidly horny exhibitionist tops?”

I know, I know. Crazy stupid, right? But the only thing I love more than having a (good) bottoming session, is group sex. The glinting, writhing mess of biceps and hamstrings, chests and cocks, the pooling sweat over a shared bottom, his worms-eye view of countless men above him, their cocks in his face, slapping his face, even… Surely you can’t blame me for coveting something like that?  

So I’m left in the situation where I have to work out a way that I can be ready for Horse Fair in Leipzig on October 11 this year.

Basically, I’m dedicating the next seven weeks to making my hole a hospitable place for each and every cock who wants to be (safely) inside it.

That process starts today by being the only bottom in a four way, with two guys who are especially well hung.

Then I need to secure a dildo which will recreate the experience of taking the most monstrous stallion dong imaginable.

I’m going to keep you updated on my process. Hopefully you will share in my fast-tracked journey from fickle bottoming novice to accommodating fuckhole.

Alternatively, you might witness me fail epically.

Either way, I’m up for the ride – literally. And I hope you are too.