A write up of our last session by Wahmiq…..

so once again i finally got to see soxster i had so many different emotions rocking up to his apartment i knew that tonight we would take things further and that’s exactly what he had done. upon arrival i was told to stand at the door back towards the door waiting for him to to take me inside,i was blindfolded and pinned up to the door he then started undressing me slowly slowly i was so anxious i hate the not knowing part it kills me.i was stripped naked and made to stand up against the wall hands behind my head.he disappeared all i could here was him getting everything organised it was torture.he then came to me and placed a metal collar on me and hand cuffs by this stage i new it was game over for me i had given myself up to him and he had all the control for the next few hours.as well as that he placed weights and attached it to my cock it was torture every time i didn’t do something or listen to his command he would drop the weights and it killed me.after that he then took me to his bed i had been placed on the bed laying there naked as he was preparing for what was to be an epic session love mummification alot i love how it feels,looks and all.its my fave form of bondage could here him getting the tape and cling wrap i new it was time sir had taped me up and once again he did an amazing job of it i couldn’t move or escape at all /it was torture i was left like that for a good hour or so he wrapped me up so tight,within the first 15 minutes everything started going numb my arms legs it was thrilling and exciting.he had me moaning like a bitch,to top it off he gave me some amyl this took things to a complete whole new level i was in ecstasy felt like i had gone to cloud 9.while being stuck like this he was teasing me and was sitting there reading a book while i was struggling and trying to break out of his binding.epic fail on my behalf i couldnt even break free at all.i was useless stuck on his bed all bound up while he could do what he wanted whenever he wanted.after that he had released me i was so happy and excited that i was finally free but he took it a step further for the past few weeks i had been nagging him to try a vac bed cube or space bag and it just so happened that tonight was my lucky night.laying on the bed not knowing what was happening i could here him bring the plastic bag closer to me i was screwed couldnt escape or do anything,he placed me in the bag and then zipped it up by this stage i was so scared and overwhelmed i didnt know what was going to happen.he then attached the vacum to it and that was it it squeezed me so tightly i couldn’t breath it was torture being stuck in a bag,trying to grasp for air i couldn’t .after that he realised me little did i know he made me go in it another three times.my session had then come to an end it was an amazing night and i had an amazing time once again.soxster is a great guy and i love being able to see him and explore all my limits with him.