I played with a new eighteen year old boy this week….and I thought that you all might like to see the emails that led to the session – and then his write up of it.

I love your work.
I am based in melbourne
I am 18, recently turned 18. I have a great ass and love getting fucked and submitting to others and was wondering if there was a way I could get in touch with you and maybe even get fucked and serve you (that’d be really great!!)
I have always wanted to be owned and dominated but was scared doing it while underage. My fantasy is to be treated like an object, not a living thing. My purpose only to please my master and nothing else.
I am very horny and would absolutely love to submit to you, if you can’t figure that out from above! haha
Let me know if I can be allowed the pleasure to serve you!

Hey there
Thanks for your message. I’m always keen to work over legal teen boys. 😉
If you want to check out soxster.com use the password and username XXXXXX – it doesn’t work on a phone, use a tablet or computer.
I messaged you a while back last year also when I was 17. We couldn’t work anything out and I went overseas during the holidays and a lot of stuff happened so took a break from all the sex for almost a full year. But I am ready to roar again and would loved to be fucked by you sir. Perhaps when you have a day off work

What do you mean a lot of stuff happened?

just trying to come out, went overseas, got pretty bad grades which is not good so had to have a break from all of the fun stuff and study. uni is back on, i am on top of everything so i want to have some fun again. So do you think you’d be interested in giving me a go?

Absolutely – love to work you over.

I thought I should give you an update and tell you about myself, my fantasies and etc.I shaved today so you can have a nice clean shaved ass if we get to meet Thursday but there is only so much a boy can do with a razor in a shower! 😛
I lost virginity at 16 to an 8.5inch thick cock. My entire torso hurt the next day but it was really satisfying to have it inside me all the way. It was my first experience and I loved it to bits! Admittedly, I was pretty bad at sucking and still am, though improving.
I kept seeing guys, all oldish around 45 for fun until I was 17. Then I gave up due to complications and want to restart on the fun journey.
I love being a bottom and being submissive. Serving my master, giving him pleasure gives me a lot of pleasure. Even typing that sentence made me go hard 😉

I have 3 favourite kinks/fantasies/fetishes 

1. Pup Play: I LOVE pup play. Having a tail sticking out my backside, with a collar on four legs walking around naked with my fully dressed master just turns me on for some odd reason! I love the feeling of inferiority, i am my master’s companion. I do what my master asks me to do, i get food in a dogs tray (not dog food though :P) etc etc. I love the whole scene of it. The ideology of me being naked and my master fully dressed is resembling my inferiority to him. He can do what he wants, but I am there for his pleasure, I have to be naked with a butt plug and a collar. 

2. Being treated like an inanimate object: I love this one too. It is almost as if I am a sex toy for my master just like a fake pussy toy. Just there to please. I got this idea from two porn scenes.

There was a video once, where the master completes his daily duties and goes to bed where the slave is hanging with his ass hole on the bottom and the rest of his body above tied with ropes. The whole structure of the slave is suspended to the roof with a rope and a spring type thingy (i dunno the exact mechanisms). He then rips out his raging cock and pretty much just as a fake pussy bounces the slave up and down his cock. He squirts and he goes to sleep as does the slave. The slave was just there for the pleasure of the master, a worthless inanimate object that can be bought from a store

There was a video once where a few slave were tied to the wall with their butts facing out as if they were paintings. The master chooses one, plays with it, spanks it, fucks it and all the good stuff. Again the same feeling of a worthless ‘object’. There was also another one where sex slaves were being sold. I can’t find any of these videos anymore which is rather depressing 🙁

3. Piss Play _ I love piss play on screen, I dunno how much I would enjoy it in real life. But i am there for the convenience of my master that he can piss on me, spit on me etc etc. I only like this when I am feeling filthy, Im pretty clean so its a rarity but just a cool concept.

Anyways that is me and my favourite kinks. Would love to explore one of them with you sometime and hopefully something long term can develop where I can please you all you want! Do you have any favourites? Sorry for the lengthy email. The excitement of finally getting to meet you and have a huge cock in me is so tantalising I cannot keep my hands off this keyboard nor my mind off what will happen! I haven’t been fucked for a while so I am worried it will be tight but we’ll see 🙂

That is all of-course is secret, I am a straight acting student otherwise.

Thanks and I really hope you fuck me silly,

Hey Doulton
I appreciate the background – very helpful.
So what do you mean by complications?
You’ll be blindfolded and treated as a couple of holes for my pleasure.

sounds good ;O Blindfolded! never tried that before :/Do know that i am a terrible sucker but we’ll definitely give it a go!

Blindfold helps you to suck better – trust me. 😉

Yay! Getting super nervous now :/ I can’t wait but at the same time have a huge number of butterflies in my tummy. I haven’t taken a cock in over a year and I am going to be taking a huge one tomorrow :O

I shall be gentle – at first. 😉

Don’t be nervous – I’m very good at this. I will go easy and we will both have a great time.

And then we played….

Email me which pics (if any) I can use on Soxster. 😉
Consider that a beginner session.

I didn’t know I did well enough to be on soxster 😉 I am pleased :DI am glad I didn’t disappoint. Would love to work on my skills and be able to please you sir.

Going to write me up an account of the session for soxster?  😉  you were pretty nervous –  but you should be proud of submitting to a master and getting worked over and fucked before you met him. Brave boy. 😉 Well done. You’re smart, cute, a great ass – of course you’ll be a soxster boy 😉  you need a LOT of training – but I think you can do it.

I’m still amazed you thought my ass was great seeing how many you have fucked. Would love to be a soxster boy and be trained so that I am a real fucktoy. So I can walk into a room full of men and be able to pleasure each one. Sounds perfect. 

‘I had no clue what to expect. I had been in touch with Andrew about being fucked and we had a time organised within a week. In the days leading up to it, I was incredibly horny and full of excitment. On the day, nervousness took over. Still I braved myself to go- a decision I will never regret.
I knew I’d be blindfolded. I had never had that before. I knew I’d be submitting to my master, had never done that before. Id never seen my master or his cock. The uncertainties of the situation added up to incredible nervousness yet somehow I knew him. I knew him through soxster, I knew I was safe which definitely is why k went despite the tummy butterflies.
I got to the apartment, he slipped a blindfold through the door and I walked in. He shut the door and pushed me against it gently. He ran his strong hands all over my clothed body. He stripped himself and continued. He then stripped me bit by bit, examining every millimeter of my body on the way till I was completely naked. He then hugged me to take a look at my butt, he grabbed it with both hands and slapped it. At this point, he imposed his dominance. His incredible stature put me to place as I felt his chest hair rubbing against my head. I felt like i was on display like a car in a showroom- being examined for every detail. A sensation I loved.
We then locked lips and kissed for what felt like a good 5-10 minutes. For the first time, I enjoyed being kissed by a male.
He then walked me to somewhere. I had no sense of direction then. I handed me his cock- my first impression was wow! Then I began to get scared, I was going to have something thicker than my wrist in my ass.
He put some equipment on my hands and feet and then put a collar on me. He bought me down to my knees as he sat on his chair. I was always a terrible sucker but after some struggles and advice, I began to suck his cock and felt a massive improvement. I couldn’t believe it, I was enjoying sucking a big thick cock.
Not amused by my terrible sucking and my terrorized expressions, he said I wouldn’t get fucked today which brought about a huge disappointment. Maybe next time he said. 

He then took me by my collar to the bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed which was the scariest part of the encounter. Very unexpected. He took a few photos and decided to play with my ass. He began to finger me, soon it was two and before I knew it, I had his amazing cock in me. It was huge and it hurt but all that mattered was his pleasure. We had our struggles though.
He also gave me a prostate massage- my favourite part of the encounter. It was surreal and very intense. I blew myself in the process and he disappointingly had to see my shriveled cock while he fucked me.
We finished up, showered and kisses goodbye. A life changing encounter.