A session from a little while ago with a young guy named Glenn. A cute country boy….it all happened rather fast. I popped onto Grindr and we began chatting and within an hour he was getting worked over…his review below.

When I got to the hotel I was nervous but excited at the same time. Andrew came and got me from the lobby of the hotel and took me up to the room and blindfolded me to let the fun begin…

I was so horny I was keen so for a pounding and what not!

He stripped me and pinned me to the door and poppered me up. He turned me on so much my cock was so hard dripping with pre-cum.

He led me to the bed made me suck his thick cock until it became hard!

Sir Andrew made me stand up then he pushed on the bed restrained me with my legs in the air.

Andrew began to rim my hole to make it nice and moist for his thick tool!

After my arse was nice and moist he squirted heaps of lube in my hole and began to slide his cock in me gently…

As my hole loosened up he began to pound me, making me moan load it felt amazing was so hot he fucked me in different positions fucking me harder and harder it felt so good after an hour we stop for a small break and to give my arse a rest

I stoked his balls and cock to make Andrew hard again, he forced me on my all fours to pound me doggy style – it was an amazing feeling, he gave me some deep hard thrusts it felt so good. Andrew popped me on my back and let me jerk my dick while he massaged my prostate I blow so much was and intense orgasm…. Definitely would love to be a soxster boy again. Next time I want a fist in me

After he sent this through, I sent him some questions:

What part did you like the most?
Did you like being fucked against the window with a view of the beach?
What did you think of the pics I sent you?
Tell me about your first fist.
How did this compare to other sex?
Best part was being tied up and fucked senselessly .
Getting fucked again the window was awesome I always go for my run there and I will always remember getting slammed against the window
The pics are so hot – I look at them all the time when I’m horny.
The first guy that fisted me had a 8.5 inch cock. We met on recon we were only gonna fuck but I was so horny I was like “do what u like to me” and he loved to fist boys so he shoved his fist in me it felt amazing it made me piss a smidgen
And that session was the best I have had hands down!!!!!
]So what were you thinking as I fucked you as you faced the beach?
How did the session make you feel?
Do you want to explore bdsm more in the future?
How does the idea of being fucked in front of an audience appeal to you?
I do want more bdsm in my life 😉
And I’d love to get fuck in front of people
And I wasn’t thinking that much – felt too good to think 😉
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