I worked over Wahmiq again this week. He was blindfolded on entry and brought into my apartment. He only worked out I had mates over after he was stripped and in the cuffs. After he was helpless I informed him that we were waiting for some more friends to arrive before we would unwrap him and gang fuck him. In truth, that was never going to happen.  I needed to catch up with my mates to discuss some matters over dinner – and I thought that I might as well use the time productively while Wahmiq was bound in the corner. After three hours, and very pleasant dinner and conversation, my mates left and I got down to business with tormenting Wamiq one on one. Here is how he described the session:

So once again i got to meet up with my fave play partner soxster – whom i haven’t seen in a few months and was excited and nervous as my last session he had told me that i would be fucked. As i rocked up to his once again i was standing outside of his door back facing the door so couldn’t see him he then opened the door and blind folded me. Once inside he got straight to it with no hesitation stripping me to my jocks. He then guided me to a room where it all began once again – he got the cling wrap and started to mummify me. While this was going on i could hear someone else breathing. Little did i know sir had two mates over i felt so humiliated and embarrassed. The fact that he had his mates there and i couldn’t do nothing but allow sir to bind me tightly. Once mummified he then got his mate and him to place me on a board which was a massage table they lifted me up and then sir got my cling wrap and wrapped me to the board. By this stage i knew i was fucked could not move, tried breaking free which was useless i was sir’s little bitch. I was left like that for a good 3 hrs or so. Meanwhile sir and his friends sat and had conversations and dinner. Once dinner arrived they had decided to place the pizzas on me as i was bound to the table – it was torture the food was so hot it was burning. Sir would then come and check on me and play with me every so often too – so that kept me hard and horny. Once his mates left the time had finally come sir was going to get his way and fuck me. I was anxious and nervous as sir has a huge huge cock and i didn’t know if i could take it. He took me took me to another room and placed me on his sling. Once on the sling he then tied my arm to it, and legs too. By this stage i knew he meant business. I tried so hard to talk him out of it but sir wouldn’t take n for an answer he wanted my hole and that’s exactly what he got. He fucked me for a while then i asked him to stop as i haven’t had such huge cock in my ass before and haven’t been fucked in a good year or so. It was so fun i had a great night and am happy that i got fucked too. Can’t wait for next time as he is a great master and i will always submit myself to him.

After he submitted his story, I asked a few follow up questions:

So when I was telling you that you were going to get gang fucked by my mates and I – did you believe me?

Yes. Not gonna lie i did like being mummified to table for the night was fucking hot especially when you kept giving me amyl sir

You were pretty much hard for three hours straight.

I know i just couldn’t control my horniess sir haha

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