I’ve been chatting with Flyboy – he’s pretty adorable, but very inexperienced.  He’s going to be in Melbourne soon and has requested a very specific way of loosing his virginity.  He’s sent me a few pics which he has asked me to post. I’ve actually cropped his face out of the pics – in case he doesn’t decide to go through with it.

Hi I’m Flyboy, I am a newly 18 year old who hopes to become the newest and best Soxster boy. I am an anal virgin, but have had sex with girls before. I realised when I was 14 that I would never be real man and was destined to be a faggot slave to serve the real men of this world. Although I am a switch with women, when I am with men I am a true slave with no limits. I enjoy watching extreme bondage scenes involving both men and women and have recently found Mood Pictures, a brutally sadistic site with lots of hard whipping.

I have a military background and have I have decided I want to do my first scene to be in my uniform and have an initiation theme, this scene will be live streamed on cam4 and recorded for soxster’s xtube page. In this scene I hope to lose my anal virginity live on cam and show my face for the world, I also hope to complete various initiation themed tasks, if possible I would love this to be a gang bang scene where a group of males brutally welcome me to adulthood, my desires for this scene include brutal whipping, mummification, gang rape roleplay, being a human toilet, humiliation, electro and much more. I also had the idea of viewers being able to suggest tasks for my initiation before the shoot on soxster.com and live during the scene on cam 4.

So there you go – what initiation tasks should Flyboy be subject to? Suggest away – either comment or email.  🙂  I’ve told him to practice stretching his ass….he has said he wants it to hurt the first time, but I think we can arrange for that. There’s also the matter of taking his fantasy and making it a reality – which shouldn’t be an issue. We’ll just have to be gentle with him….at first. 😉

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