A review of my session with Rickieboi, from the perspective of the boy in the cling wrap…


So Andrew asked me to write a review of that night, I will try my best to recall it.

I was approached Andrew last year on recon, but because our busy schedule, we couldn’t find a time to meet up until I came back from overseas.

So I got to Andrew’s place just on time after wondering around on the street and trying to find the place. After I calmed myself down a little bit I knock on the door and faced away from the door with my eyes closed as Andrew instructed me. I heard the door opened, he blindfolded me  and led me inside. He ordered my to take off shoes and pined my to the door, I was start to getting nervous because I realised how big and tall he is, and I have never encountered anyone taller than me in such close distance. He slow striped me off and felt every inches of my body while one hand pinning on my neck to feel my fast racing pause. I calmed down slowly and Andrew felt my heart beat slowed down and cock softened, then he locked me in the wrist and ankle restraints, and my cock were hard again.

After been pinned to the door for a while, Andrew led me to the room. I was disoriented, but I guess it was the living room when he set down on a couch. He asked me to play and suck his cock and I did, and it is humongous. I felt that I can barley swallow half of it. My mind was racing hundreds miles per hour to try to think how good it will be if my cock can be in the right proposition to my height. After a while, he led me to the bed room and suddenly pushed me. I fell to the bed behind me, and he start to wrapping me with cling wrap. Immobilisation and mummification always my biggest turn on, but because I have jerked off earlier that day, my cock was continually soften and then become hard again. As he wrapped more and more layers on me, I started getting warmer and losing sense of time. It felt so nice and I was flushed with sexual stimulation for a long time. I noticed Andrew has left me there for a while and he was doing other things, and it was such a turn on because I felt like I was just like a sex toy and waiting to be used.

After a while which I have no idea how long it has passed, Andrew decided to let my cock and balls out of wrap. He cut the hole of on the wrap and played with my cock, and he slides his hand through the hole between my bonded thighs, and slowing finger my butt hole. I have only get fucked twice in my life, and last time it was months ago. My hole is really tight and still not use to the sensation to have stuff in my hole. So Andrew slide a dildo between my thighs pointed to my hole and left it vibrating. He then went back to my cock and ball, and that was prob one of the best long stimulation I have ever gotten since I was 12. After awhile, Andrew cut the bottom half of the wrap and spread my legs while my upper body still tied up in the wrap. He asked me if I have got prostate message before, and I was not sure about it. Then he started to finger me and suddenly I felt I was electrified from inside of my cock through my whole body, and that’s something I definitely never felt before. Andrew was keeping playing with me until I come. It was a great orgasm, even it was my second load of the day. And it’s the first time I shoot without using my own hands. I felt bad after because Andrew told me it was a huge load and it went over head and got on his curtain if I remember correctly.

Then he unwrapped me, and I realised how hot it was to get wrapped, and I was covered in sweat. Then he asked me to play with his cock and ask to get the lube with blindfold on, it took me a while to find it and I pretty sure I found a huge dildo and some other things I have no idea what they are. In the end I sucked and play with his balls while Andrew jerked off. After we finished Andrew took away my blindfold, and it was the first time I see him in person, and Andrew is completely different from what I expect, in a good way. We cuddle and chat for a while, and it feels so good not be too big for a little spoon for the first time.