Some nice pics I took of Sissyboy during a recent session. He’s an amazing guy in and out of bed.  🙂  I really liked the bondage we did on the bed – simple but looks great. Also look how he becomes more radiant the longer the sessions goes – a hard fuck really does wonders for him. Other great thing are his low hanging balls – very few boys can be on their hands and knees with their balls resting on the bed… 😉

IMG_8343 IMG_8345 IMG_8349 IMG_8352 IMG_8356 IMG_8361 IMG_8365 IMG_8367 IMG_8369 IMG_8371 IMG_8376 IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8382 IMG_8385 IMG_8387 IMG_8391 IMG_8395 IMG_8398 IMG_8407 IMG_8409 IMG_8413 IMG_8418 IMG_8421 IMG_8424 IMG_8430 IMG_8457 IMG_8467 IMG_8478 IMG_8489 IMG_8490 IMG_8497 IMG_8508 IMG_8507 IMG_8509 IMG_8510 IMG_8512 IMG_8513 IMG_8515 IMG_8516 IMG_8518 IMG_8519 IMG_8520 IMG_8522 IMG_8525 IMG_8527 IMG_8532 IMG_8541 IMG_8543 IMG_8545 IMG_8562 IMG_8569 IMG_8576 IMG_8589 IMG_8590 IMG_8591 IMG_8593 IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596 IMG_8598