Nineteen year old Charlie came back to visit me in Melbourne – and I couldn’t have been happier to see him. He’s a really amazing boy. 🙂  He spent the whole weekend with me and it was pretty wonderful.  I’m pretty sure I’ve extolled the virtues of his oral skills and cuddling ability in previous posts….and I can assure you that my descriptions of his prowess in these areas have not been overstated.  I jerked him off in the stocks while his head hung over the edge of the bed while I fucked his throat which was a lot of fun. Also wrapped him into my sling and fucked him that way….  🙂

He gets a little self conscious that he still doesn’t quite know how to take a really long pounding…and feels ashamed he can’t take it for hours and hours. But the reality is that I’d MUCH rather play with Charlie than someone who can take it for longer and harder. It’s hard to describe, but I just adore the way his face scrunches up when my thick cock slides into his ass. I love the fact that I have to comfort him and make out with him to distract him from the pain.  It is an incredible to turn on that he is willing to hurt to try and please me. When he claws my back when I’m all the way inside him my heart just melts. It’s fucking incredible when my cock is inside him. He’s a VERY special guy.


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