Had a really great session last week with SLH, an eighteen year old boy who hadn’t tried kink before but was really keen to do so. It ended up being quite a long session. It started with him coming in and saying hi before he was blindfolded and stripped naked. He had only been with a few other boys before – and not since he had turned eighteen. He is tall and lean and one of those quiet, nice, polite boys that you feel almost guilty for corrupting. Almost. His cock sucking skills were really good and it wasn’t long before he was encased in leather. He was incredibly nervous and so I took things really slowly. He was very quiet and shy and one of the things that I loved about his session was that I taught him how to moan. He went from being absolutely silent at the start of the session to being quite vocal by the end. Hearing his moans as he worked his lips and throat along my cock was incredibly hot. He’s attentive, hot, polite and adventurous – a very attractive combination. I fucked his throat while he was helpless with his head hanging over the bed and he did really well. He had never been rimmed before and was a little too self conscious to really enjoy it so that’s something we will need to work on in future sessions. I got him into the sling and stretched his ass before fucking him – and for a beginner he really took quite a pounding.  I told him to jerk off and I fucked him as hard as I could in the final minute before he exploded. After he had blown his load over his chest, stomach, neck, head and pretty much every piece of furniture in the room (damn teenagers can get some distance) he slumped back into the sling. We moved to the bed and made out until I gave him a long sensuous massage. It was also his first massage and he enjoyed it very much. 😉 The kissing and making out and massage continued for a number of hours – and was really fun. I think by the end he was moaning more from the massage than he had from his earlier fuck. 😉 I’m really looking forward to playing with him again soon.  🙂


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