There’s been a lot of talk recently about Bro Jobs….where straight guys blow each other for fun. There has been a range of press speculation that this is actually becoming more common – and I have to agree that it is.

I know a lot of young men who identify primarily as straight who are perfectly keen to experiment with me and other guys. I think there’s a growing realization that its perfectly ok to experiment and try stuff without fundamentally altering how you perceive yourself.

However, there is an interesting double standard in society that I think is being broken down slowly yet inexorably.

It’s an interesting observation that if a gay guy has sex with a woman (whether experimentally, for fun, etc.) then it doesn’t fundamentally change how people sees him. If a gay guy goes to a bar and ends up fucking a girl (and yes, I’ve seen it happen), then it doesn’t immediately start a conversation about how he’s actually straight and in denial, and it doesn’t necessarily make him bi.Β  There is an acceptance by society that sexual identity isn’t just based on the gender of the persons who you want to bump ugly bits with.

If a girl during her university days ends up making out and maybe even more with another girl, it doesn’t necessarily impact on how people perceive her – in fact if she ends up with a long term male partner then the guy might even really like to hear about her previous girl/girl experience without considering her to be necessarily bi or a lesbian.

This is where the double standard comes in. It doesn’t seem fair that someone can be considered gay man even though they’ve done it with a woman, OR someone can be considered a heterosexual woman even if they’ve eaten pussy at university BUT the second a straight boy puts a dick in his mouth he’s considered by some people to be gay, bi or in denial.

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

I’m going to explore this theme in future posts, but this is what came to mind as I tell the following tale of a 28yo boy who contacted me on Recon – only to chicken out from meeting. What is sad about this story is that this poor guy is clearly regarding sucking a cock or getting fucked as something that is so cosmically important that he can’t even experiment without risking his entire self image from being changed….and that’s really unfortunate.Β  When you read the edited messages below (that happened over a few days) you’ll see that in the end he decided not to come play and to delete his profile. But it’s the language that is really important here. He uses a phrase like: “who I am kidding I cant handle cock”. He clearly can (everyone can!) the question is why he is imbuing sex with special powers to the point he can’t even come and experiment.

It’s just sex. πŸ˜‰

I think what is happening here is that he’s forgotten that sex is supposed to be fun….and he’s definitely making the act of putting a cock into his mouth mean way more than it actually does. Sucking a cock once doesn’t make you gay – if you really like it and do it a few dozen times then you might want to reassess what that means.

I’d like to propose a toast.

Here’s to the straight boys who suck–
Everybody laugh.
Lounging in their jock straps
And planning a fuck
On their own behalf.
Off to the gym,
Then to a fisting,
Claiming they’re tight.
And looking grim,
‘Cause they’ve been sitting
Considering their plight.
Is sucking cock a plight?
You’ll be alright. πŸ™‚


Hi Sir im very new to this scene & the world of cock, but i REALLY enjoyed reading your profile & actually had a look at some of the vids you posted up. Very hot stuff Sir!
Makes me kinda want to be filmed & posted as well. I cant believe im admitting this but if i maybe had a hood on my face so nobody could tell who i was, id probably serve you on camera

Well when you decide you’re sure, let me know.
Do you have any pics?
Go to and log in using sub-2-xplore as the user name and fuckmymouth as your password.
Doesn’t work on phones – just tablets and computers.
Log in ok? See if you want to be a soxster boy. πŸ™‚

I haven’t used the log in yet Sir, i wasn’t near a computer only phone. But i looked at your tumblr & honestly i think becoming a soxster boy may be what i was born to do. But let me use the log on after work tomorrow in private to confirm.
Also apologises for the lack of pics Sir, I’ve only had the profile for a few days as you know. I plan on taking a few private & public pics over the weekend.
Hopefully I also find a dominating Sir to take a few pics of me with a hood over my face so no one knows who I am & a cock in my mouth very soon aswel. I think people on this site need a few pics of a cock in my mouth to show my progress in becoming a faggot slave.
Once again I apologise for having none & feel very free to contact me once they are up.

Log in yet? πŸ˜‰

I tried on my phone but you are right no luck Sir.
I just got home about 20min ago so i will 100% check in the next hour or so when i have abit of alone time.
But i can’t believe im admitting this to you Sir, but when i saw i had a new message from you, my dick automatically felt a tingle.
& i don’t know if you give the password “fuckmymouth” to all the subs you speak to or it was tailor made for me, but i got to say i felt quite submissive typing it in on my phone knowing what most likely im getting myself into with you.

It was specifically designed for you…… πŸ˜‰

I actually don’t know what to say to that… It sounds you already know what you have planned for me & i don’t really have much say in the matter….Honestly thats a huge turn on.
So after browsing through your site i have a few thoughts:
I love how you tend to blindfold alot of subs outside before you turn them into sluts inside.
Ive never been into the idea of kissing a guy. i like the idea of submission to his cock more.
i notice you do ALOT of mummification. Honestly thats not for me, ill probably have a panic attack haha. But i love the idea of collar & restraints placed on my wrists and ankles.
All of your boys, subs, sluts & slaves seem to be he very slim type. I have to be honest with you, thats not me. im abit chubby at about 98kg & nearly 6 foot. Just figured id tell you before this goes any further so you can decide if i am right for you.
I think with enough time & training i could win the The Annual Cock Sucking Awards haha.
My last thought after having a good look at your site is… WOW YOUR COCK IS HUGE SIR!!! I actually felt like a slut just looking at it. I’m sure you have made plenty of subs either choke or moan on that huge cock. Honestly for its first taste of meat i don’t know if my ass could handle that cock. In saying that i signed up on recon to become a total slutty slave & i think you truly cannot call yourself a slut, faggot or whore until you have taken a huge meaty cock in both your mouth & ass!
So thats my quick few thoughts on you amazing site Sir. Any feedback on me?

– Can I see some pics of you?
– Comment on posts
– I’m popping your cherry – if I can fuck virgin teens you should be able to handle me
– kissing not required
– you’re into being a slut, not bondage, got it.
I expect you to comment on pretty much every post you read
Enjoying your comments πŸ™‚

Im actually house sitting & only have a pic that is a few years old. I can send it if you like, but only if my identity stays between us Sir? I cant let nobody know that i am trying this new life.
Sir my ass is very virgin, but if think my ass can serve you then its yours to own.
yes im into being a slut, but im not apposed to some rough play. Force me to me knees, slap my face with your cock, slap my ass if you choose to fuck me.
What comment do you enjoy the most Sir?

A pic a few years old is fine. Yes, it stays between us.
I’ve fucked plenty of virgin guys – I know what I’m doing

ok Sir here is my pic. what do you think?
By the way where are you from in Melbourne?

You’re fuckable πŸ˜‰
In the Cbd
Any questions for me?

mmm oh wow, even you just calling me fuckable made me tingle inside & feel submissive.
umm questions? ok if i decide to meet you & let you take pics while i serve you, will my face be covered at all time?
are you against verbal humiliation like calling me a slut, slave, whore faggot while you use me?
Should i call you Sir, Daddy or Master? Honestly id love to call you Master.
can you PLEASE send me a photo of your amazing cock Sir?

You can have your face covered at all times
Master is fine
I don’t raise my voice to subs – I will tell you what you are clearly. Obey me or get hurt. It’s pretty simple

Omg that cock is fat as hell! I cant stop starring at it.
Honestly im pretty sure you will be the 1st guy to ever use me Master. i knew signing up to this site would be a a huge game changer for me. ive been resisting this for so long. i think its time to embrace cock…. discreetly of course.
Master i will obey you when im with you you dont have to worry about that, i will submit & serve you the moment the collar goes around me neck.
Master if you could define me in one of the 4 terms, what would it be…slut, slave, whore, faggot?
Also im going through one of your post & it says amyl was used? ive heard of it before but dont know what it actually is. can you please explain?

I don’t think you’re a faggot – tends to be boys who live for cock which you don’t as you’re closeted and inexperienced. Whore requires training – long way from that. Slave I’m concerned about as you’re resisting bondage. Slutty boy is probably closest.
Amyl is something you sniff – it gives you a high for a couple of minutes. It relaxes you and really help you open your ass.

would amyl be a good option for me in a session with you Master?
so you think right now im best described as a slutty boy… If you had your choice & your way, what would i become…. honestly, im very curious to hear someone elses path for me

You’re nothing at the moment.
But you have potential

Thank you Master i appreciate that you think i have potential.
So after looking at al ot of your pics, i notice you dont use protection. I hate to ask but are you disease free Master? I kinda want you to shoot your cum at me in either my mouth or ass, its your choice, but only if theres no risk

I ALWAYS use protection….I only play safe.
I’m HIV neg and play safe and I’m on PREP (the drug that prevents you from catching HIV)

oh really? in your pics i couldnt tell. im sorry Sir.
thats great if you are safe. But you have no problem in shooting your cum in someones mouth no?

There aren’t any pics of me playing unsafe – are you sure you aren’t just seeing the base of my cock? Condoms don’t go all the way to the base of my massive cock
I’m perfectly happy to shoot my load in someone’s mouth or over their face

Yer that is probably it for sure Sir, im sorry i made the mistake of think you were not safe.
So Sir can i ask i you have read my profile yes?
If you have you will know that i have been fucked by a mistress with a strap on once. granted it wasnt very big, but its a start. But my ass has never tasted real meat just so you know

Perfect – then looking forward to capturing on film a close up of your hole taking your first cock.

i actually think im booking a session with her next week most likely friday. need a bit of loosening before i get used by a real man. so im maybe thinking we should do this after that… if you would have me atleast Sir?
also please check the last comment i left on one of your posts

I liked your comment…..
As long as I’m your first cock…….

I can promise you 100% you will be my 1st cock Master. I actually never thought i would say that in my life.
im actually going to update my profile saying that im not looking for awhile. would you like me to say anything else in my profile.
& that last comment i left was a dream session to me! apart from being left there for hours haha. You were so in control & dominating, you are amazing Sir

It’s good to use boys who appreciate my talents
Are you free to loose your virginity on Thursday 3 September at 7:30pm?

can we do it the week after that Sir? & Fridays the best day for me usually?
what do you think?
also please look at my profile now & see if Master approves?

So you’d prefer Friday the 11th? I’m not sure yet if I will be free…would definitely be free from midnight

oh fuck i totally forgot, no sorry Sir i am not free the 11th… can we PLEASE make it saturday the 12. PLEASE Sir.
I’m sorry if its abit far aswel. & i promise i will be there, i need this, i want this.
Does Sir approve of my profile changes? i can add something if you like?

Profile is fine – I don’t really care about it. What counts is you coming for a session and my cock being first
Saturday the 12th is fine – I will let you know what time later. If it was a late start – eg midnight – is that ok?

Your cock is going to be the 1st cock ever inside of me Master, i promise you that.
and hope fully if you give it to me , your cum is going to be the 1st cum i ever taste.
i was hoping more of a 6pm- 9pm start Sir. I dont really want to drive into the city, so i will most likey catch the train & need to catch the last one back home.
is that ok with you Sir?

I won’t know until after this weekend what time I will be free that night – I shall let you know.

thank you Sir that is fine. i appreciate you letting me serve you.
Its probably stupid of me to ask but are you excited about this, using a cock virgin ass? i am sooo much Sir. You have guys serving you when ever you like so this is just another day for you yer?

I really do get excited about virgin ass. ;)!
I may be free this evening…..are you?

Im sorry Sir, i told you i am not already.
I have booked a session with my Mistress for next week, to get me a bit prepared.
But like i said i promise you, your cock will feed my ass its 1st taste of meat.

It was worth asking. πŸ˜‰
On Saturday the 12th I’m afraid I’m unavailingly from six thirty pm until about eleven. But I’m free before that….shall I pop your cherry at lunchtime on Saturday the 12th? Say, one pm to six pm?

A little bit later start if you don’t mind Sir.
Plus 1pm – 6pm is a very long session Sir. That’s 5 hrs. I wont be able to take it that long honestly. Unless obviously you had other plans for me?
Maybe 3pm -6pm?
Actually maybe 2pm – 5pm is a better option

My sessions normally last four hours.,
That includes a bondage component

I dont think im ready for heavy bondage Sir.
Id rather Sir as a Slut then to be bound & hurt.
But i will submit to Sir & obey his commands for me.
Maybe 1.30pm – 5.30pm then Sir?
After reading a few posts on your site Master, I have a feeling that as soon as you are done with me, i am going to be pushed out of your place with cum all over me Sir
Im not against that if Sir chooses, but if he does choose that, can you please atleast give me a towel to clean myself off 1st. Id obviously prefer a quick shower but ill leave that up to Sir

You will be able to shower before you leave

Thats a relief honestly

I cant believe im doing this!
you deserve an explanation before I end this profile.
I think I got myself into too much I cant handle.
who I am kidding I cant handle cock.
im my head I want to, but honestly im a wannabe.
for now I think a mistress & a strap on will have to do.
im sorry for leading you on. I sincerely though I was going to do this.
good luck with your site, it had truly amazing hot stuff in it.
I wish you all the luck with filming real boys that can handle a cock like your, but im not one of them.
no where near ready yet.
im a stupid kid that fantasised too much.
I apologise again, I am truly sorry.
I definitely have a lot of things I need to sort out in my stupid head.
Regards XXXXX, the stupid wannabe