I’ve decided to advertise for a new sub to train up….posted the following advertisement on Craig’s List…..I’ve had a few interesting boys message me so far….hopefully you’ll be able to observe the training up of a new soxster boy very soon.  🙂


Love to train teens – m4m (Melbourne CBD)

height : 6’8″ or > (203cm) status : single

age: 39

I’m a 39yo BDSM master who lives in the CBD who enjoys training up young guys. My philosophy involves taking a young man and training him to be an awesome submissive. My objective is not to break his spirit or degrade him but rather to give him the experience and skills to be an awesome fuck toys who loves to pleasure a man or men with a high level of confidence. If you have limited experience and want to get to the point where you are an experienced, confident sub then we might be suited for each other. People with no previous sexual experience are welcome to apply.Requirements are that you must be of legal age, that you must be prepared to have non facial photos taken of your sessions (if over 18), you must be prepared to help out with organizing my vast collection of toys and gear. You should have an inkling that you will enjoy rough sex (with the right training), but also to snuggle afterwards. You should have a natural desire to please someone sexually.

So essentially, looking to train up the right boy into a fuck toy. 😉

If you google soxster then you should be able to find out some more about me and that will give you a better idea of whether you are into what I’m offering.

Only interested in boys in close proximity to Melbourne. Preference for boys who know how to write well. Looking for someone who is either very confident and loves the idea of being out of control occasionally or someone who is quiet who will gain confidence as they serve me (leading to greater control in and out of the sling).