I do like playing with Toomas….he’s an amazing boy. We had dinner together, a few drinks and ended up with him leathered up in my bed at my mercy.

There was lots of making out, which he is really good at, followed by me strapping him into my leather creation. While he lay there, I took a large sniff of amyl and then locked lips with him while I blew it into his lungs.

His ass is tight and hot, his cock is beautiful and his balls were particularly pendulous during the session.  🙂

It was so nice to have a very relaxed session with lots of making out, sucking, teasing, with some electro (which he hated) and nipple play (which he loved).  It was such a pleasure to make him blow his load over his pale white skin. I’m looking forward to a less tender session in the near future. 😛

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