I went to the Fetish Expo at Fitzroy Town Hall last weekend. I didn’t stay for too long as it was very crowded – which is actually a great sign of the growing interest in kink. It’s an annual event, and I always try to find a unique piece to add to my collection. This year I scanned all the stalls, and selected an oversize paddle that actually suits me really well, as it goes well with my height.

It’s always nice to purchase something from an artisan that has created it, and it was a pleasure to discuss my purchase with Miss Emm.


I think I’m really going to enjoy this one – it’s very large but quite thin so it’s going to be very versatile. The inlaid metal rings give it a great look and feel and as you’ll see from Michael’s ass, can leave some really interesting mark.

Lucky Michael got to christen it – but why do I suspect Miss Emm just makes sure each of the works of art is up to the task before it leaves the workshop?

Miss Emm looked wistful when I handed over the money for this exquisite piece – clearly someone who enjoys making these but also feels a pang of regret as they go off into the world.

Don’t worry Miss Emm – I’ll give it a good home……whose next?

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