Hi everyone,

So it’s time to redesign soxster.com and start editing videos and I need some help!  I’m looking for video editors, preferably in NYC, and a UX and UI Developer who can develop the site in a wordpress framework. Yes, I’m expecting to have to pay people for their services.

Does anyone know anyone? I think this would ideally suit a student or recent graduate.

Comments and suggestions on the following scope are welcomed – help me improve soxster! 🙂  Please comment below!

Thanks and I really appreciate any and all feedback.




Soxster is a gay kink website that will feature porn, blogs, educational pieces, etc. The goal is to transition soxster.com over time into a lifestyle brand that has a number of elements, including clothing and toys. We want to build a close relationship with our viewers and readers.  In terms of ethos, we want people be able to admit to their friends that they interact with soxster – in the same way that they interact with Grindr (eg. it is viewed as naughty but socially acceptable unlike some other hardcore kink sites).

The interim site, currently live, has used cartoons to keep the image playful and the use of cartoons and playful icons is proposed to continue unless an alternative approach can be developed.

Key words that are designed to explain the ethos of soxster.com are:

  • Playful
  • Fun
  • Sexy
  • Sensual
  • Educational
  • Modern
  • Not daunting

We are looking for a UX and UI Developer who can develop the site in a wordpress framework. The developed should be based in Melbourne, Australia or New York City. This would suit a student or young designer. Knowledge of gay kinks may be be an advantage.

Target Audience

Soxster.com will be targetteing a broad audience, including:

  • People who are experience with kink
  • People who are not experienced with kink and are curious or open to exploring but do not necessarily want to be to be confronted with hardcore material from the first page.
  • A wide range of ages – from 18 to 80


It is proposed that soxster.com will have a rotating tag line. By changing it every few weeks, it is hoped that this will keep the site as being fresh. Possible taglines include:

  • Bound to have fun
  • Be Adventurous
  • Sexy and Smart
  • Learning is fun
  • Got to be carefully taught

It is expected that users will submit taglines.


The following are preliminary thoughts on the future structure of soxster.com. After reviewing a number of other gay porn sites, there is not a good precedent for soxster. The majority of other gay porn sites have minimal non-paid content with the site design to funnel people towards pages for membership signups. Soxster will have a different philosophy – we will make a range of content available free of charge. We want to encourage people to develop a relationship with Soxster – and then hopefully they will pay for extra features such as full length videos. There will be an emphasis on education and interaction.

18+Warning & Email Address – Splash Page

This should be the first page that appears. It will include a statement that the website is designed for adults, and provide viewers with the ability to submit an email address to sign up for a monthly newsletter. This page should not be explicit, but can be sensual. Equal weight to be given to people who wish to enter the site or leave. Some legal information on content.


The homepage should encourage people to explore the content. It should not be designed to purely direct people towards sign-up pages. The objective is to have a very clean looking homepage, light on text, with good design indicating the choices that are available (eg. the menus listed below). Perhaps some icons for each choice, or a graphic that includes the various options. With most porn sites you see graphic content on the homepage – this is to be avoided with soxster – it should be playful and fun.

First Level Menus

The primary links on the website

  • About Soxster (FAQ, Tour, Intro Video)
  • Soxster Boys (photos and videos)
  • Blog & Podcasts
  • Support Soxster
  • Soxster University
  • Store

About Soxster

This section will include an introduction to the website, a FAQ list and a tour of the website. It will also include short videos explaining soxster.com, including the philosophy of the site.

Soxster Boys (photos and videos)

This section will enable people to search for scenes via soxster boy or fetish. Video content and full photo sets are restricted to members only, but sample clips and photos will be available to all viewers.

Blog & Podcasts

This section will comprise the blog (essentially the current content) with the addition of podcasts for download. There will also be the opportunity for giveaways.


The Soxster store will offer people the ability to purchase recommended toys and products. Initially this will link to other stores, with negotiated discount codes for soxster readers. In due course, a new store will be developed selling a limited range of selected toys.

Soxster University

This is the educational section of the site and should include a discussion forum, the ability for people to contribute photos/videos/stories, the ability to ask questions, and offer a directory of information on kinks and other resources.

Support Soxster

This section will include a donation link (paypal), as well as links to subscribe to the videos (paid content). An Amazon wish list will also be included. People will also be asked to contribute content as well.

Second Level Menus

These should appear on the front page, but in a less conspicuous location – perhaps at the bottom. They should be present for people who are prepared to look for them, but the objective is not to have people click on them unless they are interested in the specific topics:

  • Advertise
  • Become a Soxster Boy
  • Contact Us
  • Terms, Conditions & Legal Stuff


This section will encourage potential advertisers to make contact with soxster.com to discuss opportunites for paid advertisting or contra deals. Basic information on the reach of the website (page impressions, demographics, etc) will be included.

Become a Soxster Boy

Information on how to become a soxster boy will be included in this section, including cities where we film and how the process works. A short contact form will be included in this section.

Contact Us

Information on how to contact soxster.com, with separate links for general inquires and suggestions for scenes or topics to be included. A disclaimer will be included that it is not possible to respond to all queries, and that people asking questions should note that their question (but not their name or location) may be included.

Terms, Conditions & Legal Stuff

Legal stuff including statements covering the age of people depicted on the site, and the fact the site is published in the USA, and the licensing agreements for the content.

Design Considerations

Soxster should remain based on a ‘warm grey’ background with bright colours. We are after something friendly that deliberately avoids traditional BDSM iconography. For example, no handcuffs, avoid traditional kink colours (such as Red/Black), etc. Bright pastels perhaps.

Websites for Consideration

These sites have a few things that may provide context for the kind of homage required.


A fun website that covers adult content in a fun and engaging way.



This website provides equal weight to the main links. I like the concept of having some sort of image broken into sections or well designed graphics. The homepage should be somewhere you want to come back to in order to get good access to other sections. The actual design of this sign isn’t great (but it’s the concept that counts). 


I like the use of an integrated graphic that is clickable.



I like the use of a unified design of tiles – simple and clear.



Nice use of tiles with unified design. Ability to switch out icons as required which may be useful.