With my temporary departure from Australia, there are a number of Soxster boys who are missing, well, me!

Peter has been missing my thick cock and has asked me for some advice about what dildo he should use on his cute ass in my absence. Peter has the ability to get fucked long and hard, and bite his lip in an almost unbearably cute manner while it happens.

A good dildo for a boy who can take a cock really well is the Doc Johnson Dick Rambone (http://www.amazon.com/Doc-Johnson-Dick-Rambone-Black/dp/B00347A4QG)

This is a pretty widely available dildo and for good reason. It’s a really good size. Some people might be intimidated by the length, but you’re not supposed to try and take it to the balls (although i know some boys who can and do).

The length of the dildo means that if you’re kneeling, then it’s easy to ease your ass down onto it, without too much pressure on your legs. It comes in a couple of colours, but my advice is to go for black. Just seems sexier for some reason.

The head is tapered, so it’s pretty easy to put the tip into your ass but pushing the whole head in is going to take practise – which is part of the fun!

It’s worth remembering that if you’re trying to stretch out your ass then as soon as you can comfortably take a dildo then it’s probably too small for that. It’s fun to get fucked with a dildo, but the real fun is to slowly open up your ass.

So my advice to Peter is to get the Doc Johnson Dick Rambone in black, and get on your knees in front of the computer, and slowly ease yourself onto it. Don’t expect to take the head the first time, or even the fifth time, but just enjoy the sensation of your cute young hole being stretched. Perhaps even a few sniffs of something to help you relax or a drink or two before hand. This is a toy that will take you some time to conquer, and you should enjoy every inch of the challenge….and when you do, it’s time to talk about the BAM dildo….but that’s for later.

Oh, and Peter – the soxster readers want photos of your progress. As a teaser – here’s a pic he sent me and allowed me to post.