After my recent post about a good dildo for Peter, Archer emailed me:

Hey, just read your latest post…were you being facetious about the dick rambone dildo, or is that a good realistic one for me to ‘practise’ with till you return? If so, I’ll get it and get to work. 

My response was: Hey there! Dick Rambone is a big toy but I think it would be good for you. Don’t expect to get it in right away – just grind your ass on the head and feel it stretch you out.  🙂 Any more plans to visit NYC? 

To go into a little more detail, Archer has been only fucked by me, but has some dildo experience with mistresses and by himself. I really think that Rambone is a really good fit for him, as it’s definitely larger than a cock and will give him the confidence he needs. After a boy can take the head of Rambone it’s pretty much confirming to everyone that he can take a cock.  😛 When you know you CAN take a large cock it’s actually going to be easier as you’re less likely to tense up or be nervous.  So head on into a sex shop or log on…get a Rambone…and take it VERY slowly. Grind your ass on it as you jerk off….try and ease the head inside. It’s about the journey. Oh, and if you are picking up a Rambone, you might as well pick up a bottle of Jungle Juice to sniff while you do.  Enjoy the ride. If Archer practises with Rambone he will be ready for a mighty fine fuck when I return.