My absence in Melbourne is being felt. I recently received this message:

Hi, im a 6’1, 24 y/o, good looking, straight Aussie guy. I’ve been looking for something like your website you have going. My fantasy is to be mummified, blindfolded, strapped down to the bed and slowly jerked off.

If you are you still in Melbourne and keen to set this up can you message me at XXX@XXX ? I can send pics from there, or some app to chat on too.

I replied that I wasn’t in Melbourne but that I may be able to set him up with a friend. The problem is that I don’t entirely trust this friend not to suck his cock or roll a condom down it and ride it once the kid is helpless in the cling wrap and tape. So if you’re in Melbourne and would like to mummify this kid up, and slowly jack him off and edge him for a few hours, and film the whole thing for soxster (not including his face), please get in touch with me.

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