Archer is an interesting boy – I’ve written about him before. He’s been on a long journey to accepting the fact that he likes cock, and reconciling that with the rest of his personality. He’s used to being in control and the idea of getting fucked definitely took some getting used to. He sucked my cock years ago – and then kind of wimped out half way through. I’ll tell that story another time but I think it’s time to share some photos. He’s clearly been very interested in submission for sometime – initially from women and now from me. I’ve included some pics below from the first time he got fucked. The photos aren’t the best. He’s very tall so when he was lying back in my sling there was a little bit of a shar pei puppy thing happening. Let me reassure you that he’s in good shape and it’s only the fact he’s such a tall boy that this was happening. Of course, not as tall as me.  😛  I really should have had a video camera running  – but it was his first time and I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him.

I’ve also included some pics below of some other sites he’s contributed to or filled out profiles on. It was 2011 where he was fucking himself with a dildo for an online mistress who (quite rightly) believed he should go and get fucked. It took nearly four years for someone (me!) to get a cock into his ass and now he wants more. About time! He’s gone out and blown a few guys recently and loves the thrill that comes from getting someone’s cum. He’s a pretty good cock sucker – so if you’re in Melbourne and want to get a pretty good blow job and gently fuck an (almost) virgin hole, please let me know and I’ll set you up (provided you take photos using his phone for the rest of us to see). He’s definitely someone I’m looking forward to fucking regularly on  my return to Australia.  🙂

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