I had stopped off in Bogota, Colombia for a few days and immediately noticed the men. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite widely in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America but this was my first time in South America. What struck me was the variety – considerably more variety in men than you would find in other countries. Significant variation in skin colour, hair colour and looks that ranged from being reminiscent of fair skinned Europeans to darker skinned guys who have ancestry back to ancient South American civilisations.

I was expecting to stand out like a sore thumb in Bogota but the variety means that most people didn’t pick me as a tourist.

Bogota is the third highest capital city in the world – and yes I felt it. Not full altitude sickness but certainly I didn’t feel one hundred percent for the first few days. It’s higher than any point in Australia.

Quite a few boys on Grindr and Recon had expressed an interest in meeting up. I was intrigued by a hot 23 yo boy who I talked to a few times and had some great pics of himself in good underwear. Cute as hell. And his name is Luis.

He has told me earlier on Grindr that he was a “little sex addict” who wanted to be used like the boys on my blog – but then admitted he had only been with two other guys. We arranged to meet up in the morning – until he remembered another commitment. We then agreed to meet in the evening. I wasn’t entirely sure he was going to show as for someone with limited experience I can be a little intimidating.

My sweet, yet overly protective, boutique hotel staff, called from the front desk confirm it was ok to let him up and a few minutes later he arrived at my door. I think my height surprised him a bit. In no time I was stripping him out of his clothes, picked him up and carried him to the bed.

We rubbed and caressed each others bodies. He was preparing to suck my cock but I had already decided we were to shower first as I had been running around all day. Naked I pulled him to the shower with the massive overhead rain shower head. With water conservation measures in Australia it had been a while since I had made out with a boy under this much water.

In the shower things got very sensual very quickly. Rubbing my hands over his tight body was something he definitely enjoyed. I made sure his cute ass was clean as I had plans for it later. I sometimes like to take a shower with guys who are new at cock sucking – as it lets them play with the cock and get it all squeaky clean before blowing it. He bent over and swallowed my cock – and did a really good job – particularly when he got on his knees. I even tasted his cock.

After plenty of shower hi-jinks, involving tongues, hands and soap we got out, dried off and got back into bed.

I stood next to the bed and pulled him around so that he was lying on his back with his head hanging over the bed.

A few times I gently pushed the head of my cock into his throat – not a full throat fucking but enough to give him a taste of the sensation.

He was an excellent cock sucker and you would never known this was only the third cock he had sampled.

I enjoyed slapping my cock around his face, before pushing it back into his mouth and repeating the process.

I crossed to the desk and pulled out the chair, which would have been equally at home in a production of Chicago. I pulled a pillow from the bed and dropped it in front of the chair – which made it clear that I

wasn’t expecting any jazz hands or spirit fingers. He practically leapt off the bed onto his knees in front of me. He worshiped as I lay back and relaxed.

I got him on all fours and kneeled on a pillow beside the bed. I pulled apart his cheeks to find a very tight looking hole. I rimmed and teased his ass

I hasn’t really planned on fucking much on this trip. As part of my “be prepared” philosophy I had thrown exactly three condoms into my carry on luggage – along with a small tube of silicone lube I had bought in London earlier in the year that was of an allowable size for carry on. How international, an Australian living in America about to fuck a Colombian using a lube bought in England that was probably made in China.

I started with the customary single well lubed finger up his ass. I headed for the prostate and he shuddered – and confirmed that this was a new (and welcomed) experience. I used one of my regular tricks and rather than working in a second finger I worked all five in. By the time he realised what I was doing he was very loose and definitely ready for my cock. I wanted to see his face and I rolled him onto his back and rolled down the condom. He looked a bit fearful but totally up for it as my cock head found his hole. There was definitely an anxious look as the pressure increased until his ass opened and my extremely thick cock head slipped inside. He pulled a pillow towards him and gripped it with his teeth. I couldn’t quite work out the ratio of pleasure to pain he was experiencing until my entire thick cock was in his ass. I asked him how he was feeling and he indicated he really really liked it. Wanting to keep the ratio of pleasure to pain on the pleasure side I started to slowly fuck him and began to pick up speed. We made out periodically as I fucked him and his ass got less tight and more slick. I pulled out of his ass and rolled him over on all fours. I changed the condom and added more lube. He moaned in anticipation that my cock was probably going to go a lot deeper in this position – which it did as I slid into his ass.

I began to fuck him properly – not cruelly but a proper balls slapping fuck. He moaned and grabbed another pillow to chew on.

When I began to seriously pound his ass I started experience something unusual. I was more out of breath than normal and I felt I had been sniffing poppers – which I hadn’t. I realised that it was the altitude. When you sniff poppers it gives you a high by your vascular system relaxing and

reducing the amount of oxygen in the system. I was experiencing something similar. It was a really interesting sensation and once I realised what was happening I began to enjoy it. It did mean my stamina wasn’t quite up to its regular standard.

I pulled out and sat back down on the fosse chair. He backed down onto my cock and it slid into his ass. I couldn’t get as much control as I wanted to I stood up with my cock still buried in him and fucked him standing up for a while before bending him down to rest his hands on the bed.

Getting pretty tired from a combination of the session and the altitude I lay down on the bed and he began to ride me. He was rock hard – with his cock waving around in front of my face as he bounced up and down on my cock.

Looking back at what I’ve written I realised I’ve neglected to include the fine details that matter in sex. While I was fucking him there was kissing, making out, me biting his lower lip, him scratching my back (he worked that one out fast when I moaned when he did it the first time), licking & biting & blowing on his nipples, grabbing his hair, slapping his ass, resting my hands on his throat, back massage and a lot more. It was intense – and so much fun.

When it was time to cum I arranged him on his back with his head hanging over the edge of the bed so he could lick my balls and shaft while I jerked off. I had earlier asked him whether he wanted my cum in his mouth, over his face or over his chest. He gave my favourite answer which is that it was up to me. He actually got all three – my cum ended up everywhere and after my orgasm subsided it took all my remaining strength to play with his chest, balls and ass while making out with his cum covered face before he blew his load and l collapsed next to him on the bed.

After recovering we jumped into the shower. I was so exhausted we actually just sat on the floor of the shower and let the water fall on us. After recovering we removed all the cum covering Luis, dried off and got back into bed where we just relaxed and gently touched and massaged each-other as we periodically made out. He hasn’t done much sensual stuff with his previous partners and he really enjoyed it.

After an hour or so we were both hard again and he quickly started massaging my cock with mouth. It was while he was licking my balls that he blew his load while stroking himself. Luis’ balls are pretty small but he was able to prove that the size of your balls don’t have much to do with the size of your load as he sprayed it over his torso. I stroked my cock as he continued to lick and suck my balls, until my second load oozed out of my deliriously happy but exhausted body.

And that was that – we dressed and we kissed goodnight and he left. Overly protective reception called me thirty seconds after he left to make sure I was ok and that it was ok let him leave. The night receptionist had limited English and said in a friendly manner: “Mr Luis – is ok?” I relied “Is ok” – as I felt that his grasp of English wouldn’t have coped with me saying “Mr Luis Is amazingly, fucking, awesomely ok”.

If I’m very honest it’s unlikely that I’ll cross paths with Luis again – Australia and Colombia aren’t exactly close – which is a shame as he’s totally adorable and an amazing fuck. But he was certainly the highlight of my trip to Colombia. If you’re a well hung, sensual and passionate top visiting Colombia please let me know – I’ll give you his number in exchange for photos of your cock in his mouth and butt for us all to enjoy.