Four am at IML and I’m feeling horny. I message a slim 33yo slim sub bottom. He’ s an asian guy who is tiny compared to me – less than half my weight and more than a foot shorter than me.  He’s conveniently located in the south hotel tower (no need to change lifts) and five  floors above me. He has his eyes closed and his ass in the air when I enter the room. I pop a blindfold that I have brought with me over his head, and undress. I’d been at one of the events earlier and I’m still in my kilt, boots and harness. He was expecting a quick and hard fuck – but he said in his messages that he was a sub bottom so I’ve come prepared with enough gear for a fun time.

I’m pretty good at picking people’s ages – and while this guy had great skin, I’m pretty sure he’s older than 33. I call him out on it after he’s restrained – and he admits he is older, but hesitates for just a second before he tells me he is 38. I don’t believe him – you could practically hear the cogs in his head turning as he calculated the lighting level in the room and what he thought he could get away with. He’s definitely in his 40s and I inform him that he will be punished for misleading me.

I tell him the safe word is RED and I set to work. The session involved cable ties around his cock and balls, restraints, my portable sling, a full head leather bag and a very hard fuck – which was actually really good as his ass wasn’t too tight or wasn’t too loose – but rather just right. Fairly terrible at cock sucking. I know I gave him a lot more than what he was expecting – both in terms of the range of activities and the amount of cum that was deposited over his face at the end. When I messaged him later to get permission to post the photos here, I asked him if he had a good time. He replied, “Yes Sir. Very”.

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