I think that one of the things that makes for a good master is a sense of empathy. There are things that I’ve done to boys over the years that I’ve enjoyed not because I’m into it, but rather because I know that they are. Piss play kind of falls into that category. I don’t really find piss erotic, but I do love the reactions of boys who do.

I had a few hours spare before I headed off to the Black and Blue Ball, and I popped onto Grindr – because I was in a hotel with lots of horny boys. I found a cute 31yo British boy who was looking for piss. He had helpfully changed his name to Urinal Rm 1059 to make it clear what he was after.

He wanted to be pissed on. His message was pretty clear: “Cool door is open I’m naked on the floor mouth is open”

I headed up three floors. Room 1059 was at the very end of the corridor and the door was ajar. He was on the floor, totally nude, lying on his back, jerking his cock.

Light fuzz on his chest, well spoken when he requested my piss, lean body, golden hair that was about to get even more golden. Decent sized cock, but what really attracted me to him was that look of lust and desire in his eyes.

When someone is wanting you to piss on them, there is always a level of pressure. It’s not uncommon for boys who want to piss on other boys not to be able to produce a flow at the critical moment. Cocks get hard making it more difficult to piss. Performance anxiety means that it’s harder to get the flow going.

Luckily, I’ve never really had that problem – I can generally piss long and hard on people. Nonetheless there was that moment when I was standing over him when we were both waiting for my flow to start which was filled with anticipation.

The key when pissing on a boy is to control the flow. I gripped my dick tightly and aimed the first steam of piss to hit him between the eyes. I like to hit the eyes first as the stinging helps to show that I’m in control. It’s also slightly disorientating for the rest of the session. Once his eyes and face were covered I concentrated on getting as much as possible in his mouth. He gulped a few times and then let it build up in his mouth until it was overflowing down his cheeks before he swallowed it down.

He was moaning and groaning – making highly appreciative noises.  A really good reaction. Much better than how some Americans would have vocalised it by talking dirty. He wasn’t loud or graphic – he just moaned so you knew he was enjoying it and wanting more.

I circled his body, pissing on his chest, stomach, thighs and finally his rock hard cock and balls. He stopped stroking his rigid cock for just long enough to spread my piss over his chest before he went back stroking furiously.

I made my way around to his head and squeezed the last few jets over his face, before zipping up and leaving. I left without a lot of conversation – it was very much a come in, piss over him and leave kind of deal.

Later I sent him a few more pics of my cock, so he could see how large it could get when it wasn’t just sporting a semi for the purpose of pissing. We talked about maybe catching up after the Black and Blue Ball for a final session but it didn’t happen – shame, he was in great shape and I really loved the lust in his eyes as I coated him. Fingers crossed our paths cross again.