I was impressed with John’s write up of our session at IML, so I asked if he would like to write up some of his other sessions. This happened last night….

Spur of the Moment

I don’t have the best luck with making plans for sex, so I wasn’t surprised when two of the three guys I made plans with fell through. Ever since I took my first fist, there’s been this underlying desire to take another, to try and take bigger, to take it faster, etc. I was hoping that I could get a small, medium, and large fist together in the same room and have the end goal be a light punch-fisting from the small hand (or maybe bigger!). That wasn’t in the cards for my Friday; however, what I did experience was simply sublime.

If I had to pick one word on how I like sex, that word would be “rough”. It’s not a requirement by any means; I love vanilla sex and the connection that level of sensuality brings along with it (I don’t, however, love the use of the word vanilla to describe “plain” or “normal” sex….but I digress), but there is something about the way that rough sex makes me sweat, the deep guttural sounds I make while having my hole pounded mercilessly, and even the degradation of having your ass plowed and slapped in unison while being called a faggot actually makes me feel like quite the special pig. In my travels, I’ve found many men that want to try and be rough but are always afraid they’ll hurt someone. To that I say the same three things: 1)chances are good that you’re not actually going to harm me, 2)I know of the dangers of rough & uninhibited fucking, and 3)I was built quite sturdy – I’ll be fine, just enjoy yourself. This is where Raj comes in – he was my medium hand guy that also said he loves rough sex but people tell him he’s too rough, which sounds like a fun challenge to me when I read it. I was a little bummed that my other two guys couldn’t make it – I thought they’d be a nice compliment to how Raj described his sexual “style”. Oh well, I was happy my first meeting with Raj would be 1-on-1. Sometimes I find groups to be very easy to lose track of. Just a couple minutes before Raj was set to arrive, I received a message from Scotty; he was going to be passing by and he needed to cum. For a brief moment, I couldn’t believe I forgot about Scotty – he’s never been too rough, but he gets very excited during sex and that sometimes causes him to lose control but in a fun, unexpected but welcome kind of way. Just seconds after I told Scotty to come on over the buzzer goes off; that must be Raj. Ok, buzz him in, unlock the door, book it to the bedroom, get in a “sexy” position, poppers in hand – all set, let’s go. I hear the front door open and close and the familiar sounds of someone walking through who hasn’t been in my apartment before. Raj gets to bedroom and lets out some little utterance of approval. Clothes come off and he grabs a dildo. The very instant he give me all 9 inches of the dildo the buzzer goes off again. I excuse myself to get the door – buzz in, unlock (Scotty knows to lock behind him), and back to bed. I start to lay on my stomach so that I’ll be able to suck both of them side by side. Raj tells me to get on my back instead. WHAT A VIEW! I have 7 ½ inches of thick cock in my face, a very nice & very hair ass, and then Scotty walks in the room just as Raj slides himself balls-deep into my throat and pulls out only to plunge back in immediately. Scotty sets his sights on my ass and hops up on the bed. He grabs my ankles and I feel Raj wrap his hands around Scotty’s – they both have my ankles! Scotty pushes his way in and start pounding my hole (that’s one of my favorite things about Scotty; there’s no easing in…he just like to start pounding my ass). The two of them spend the next roughly 10 minutes playing hard with my nipples and balls, and spit-roasting me (but I’m on my back….so….Reverse Spit Roast, maybe? Whatever…). Raj only gives me a brief second to recover when he makes me gag (I see where people say he’s “too rough”….they just need to learn how to suck a dick and breathe at the same time) and I start to hear Scotty’s breathing quicken – he’s about to breed my hole. Scotty announces that he’s going to cum, and without missing a beat Raj says “me too”. Both pump huge loads into both ends of me, which is a sensation I’ve only ever experienced once before – it’s marvelous getting filled simultaneously in both holes. As I lay on my back, eyes closed, breathing heavily myself, I find out that one of my favorite things about Scotty is also true with Raj. In less than 30 seconds, without anything else but a “Thanks, see ya ‘round.” I hear zippers going up, shoes going on, and my front door closing. Nothing caps off a solid rough fuck and breeding than no small-talk and going right back to our day. Thanks guys!