I’ve been chatting to a boy on Grindr who will be coming for  session in the near future. He’s 21 and totally adorable. A little bit stocky and a little bit fuzzy. He’s well travelled – which I really enjoy. He told me about his first kink experience when he was on exchange overseas in a Spanish speaking country. There are challenges with having your master not speaking the same language as you are – particularly as in the heat of the moment you might not recall the right words for things if you’re not speaking your native tongue. Anyway, I thought this was a really interesting experience – and reminded me of the time I was at Fickstutenmarkt and plowing a hot German boy who helpfully switched from moaning in German to moaning in English – got to love the Berlin Bilingual Bottoms. I hope you enjoy Noé’s first experience – and how easily he slipped into sub-space the first time he played hardcore (which is quite rare). It bodes well for his training to come.

I get to his apartment after a long and tedious day classes, of which I spent half with a raging hard on in anticipation of what was to come. I have my bag on my back with my whip, gag, handcuffs, and some porn that I think I’ll get to watch. He puts it in, and in Spanish, tells me that it’s very important that I do exactly what he tells me, and I comply. 

First, he tells me to strip down to my jockstrap that I’m wearing underneath, suspensorio it’s called. Then we make out some and he tells me to cross my hands behind my back as he puts on the handcuffs. From there I lose my ability to do anything as he fastens the ball gag in my mouth.

He tells me to get on the floor and I sort of fall gently onto my stomach. This is where I will spend the duration of the session. Here I am, on my stomach on his apartment floor, excited and ready for whatever daddy gives me.

Daddy starts whipping me and then takes vibrating beads and starts fucking me gently with them. This is nice, I think, feeling the pleasure of the beads as he goes gentle but gets harder and harder. Then it happens. Daddy takes a dildo that’s pretty average size, but because I can’t see it, it feels huge, and he starts demolishing my asshole with it. Although at first I’m in incredible pain, this is where it happens, I start to lose my grip on reality. I feel like I’m not in my own body. The pain I’ve been experiencing ceases to be extreme, and I barely even know what is going on. It’s pretty heavenly. I feel the dildo stop, and in comes his cock, and he fucks the shit out of me. 

He has me moaning louder than I’ve ever moaned before, I’m in absolute fucking pleasure. He stops, tells me to get up. “Levantate” he says to me, but I can’t. I can barely move myself, let alone stand up. Daddy takes me by the arm, picks me up, moves me into a new position and continues to fuck the ever living shit out of me. This is the best sex we’ve ever had. Mid session, he stops for a second and ungags me, daddy finds me screaming in pleasure as he continues to fuck me and whip me. After some of the most incredible and exhilarating sex ever, he uncuffs me and we cuddle together.

I think that Noé is definitely after a kinky daddy/son scenario rather than master/slave. He wants to be pushed but in an extremely affectionate way with lots of cuddles in aftercare.  That works for me.