It wasn’t so long ago that the term “Daddy” didn’t really do it for me. I was convinced that I was too young to be a Daddy. One special boy changed all that.  You know who you are. You made the term Daddy incredibly hot for me – when you see him cry out “fuck me harder, Daddy” as you pound him in a sling then you really WANT to be a Daddy and be his Daddy for many years to come. So yes – I’m blaming you that I’ve embraced my Daddy side. You’ll be spanked as punishment/reward when I return to Australia.

After my session with Noé, he’s very keen to show what a good boy he can be. So he’s submitted this video to show you all what he wants from Daddy. I hope you enjoy the video below as much as I did.

Noe jerking for Daddy

He also had this to say about his first session:

Trust is deeply important when it comes to building the kind of relationship daddy wants to build with me and I want to build with daddy. It’s important to measure your responses and be critical to a point until you’ve started to amass proof that you can let your guard down.

Our session yesterday started to give me the proof I needed. Daddy was kind but also disciplinary. Focused on bettering me and teaching me all he could so I can start to grow into the best boy I can be. Daddy gave me pointers, he showed me what he wanted me to do when I sucked his cock, and I feel I learned a lot and got significantly better.

Our session yesterday made me hopeful for future sessions with my daddy!