Jacksin accompanied me to IML in Chicago and then popped by NYC  before heading back to Australia. We popped into the Leatherman in the West Village were he commissioned a leather wrist band and a few days later went back to commission a matching collar. I wanted to do a post on this because it shows that custom made leather can be very affordable and can look amazing. Jacksin wanted a collar with hunter green (showing he’s after a daddy). They were able to make it while we waited – it took about twenty minutes. It’s a beautiful piece and was only a little bit more than a plain black collar. I think it’s a really good lesson that you can have some great pieces that are totally unique for not too much money. Plus the staff at the Leatherman seem to really like doing custom work – as it gives them a chance to show off their great skills. So please, find the really good leather stores in your city – or in the ones you visit – and see what they can do for you. You might be surprised at how little it costs. And you’ll have a one of a kink piece.

The Leather Man (NYC)

IMG_2103 IMG_2101