Wandering the halls of the host hotel at IML can be genuinely interesting. You come across impromptu flogging sessions, doors left open invitingly and people having sex.
One interesting scene was when I came across three hot guys in their late twenties in one of the elevator lobbies in the south tower fucking at about three am. One of them was bent over, with the others enthusiastically using his ass and his face. All three were wearing jockstraps and in great shape. As I watched them fuck, a discussion took place between the two spit roasters about whether they should wake up a friend who had already gone to bed to try the ass of the guy who was bent over. One of them pulled out a phone and grabbed some shots of the boy stuffed with cock. He handed me the phone when I offered to get some shots as well. They switched places. When they got tired they took a break and the bottom boy blew my cock for a while – which I had helpfully removed from my pants while I watched the scene in front of me. It’s random, quick experiences like this that make IML so interesting. It’s partly sex, partly performance art, a lot of exhibitionism and just fun. I know this isn’t a particularly long entry, but I think it represents well the kind of random experiences that you can have at IML – you never know what’s around the corner – so just go with the flow.