You don’t really expect Southern Florida to have a decent leather store. The climate definitely doesn’t really lend itself to full leather gear, but upon further reflection I guess it is perfectly suited to a classic leather harness and jock strap.
“Will you be shopping naked?” was the question I was asked as I entered LeatherWerks in Fort Lauderdale. “I beg your pardon?” was my intrigued response. It turned out that I had wandered in exactly at the start of the Naked Shopping period where discounts were provided if you shopped in the buff. By the time I left the store was full of exactly the kind of clientele you would want to see shopping naked – tanned muscle guys with clipped or shaved pubic hair and pendulous cocks that were clearly used to being swung around at clothing optional beaches.
The store was large and had a great range. In an age where so many stores are closing and moving to online only services it’s great that a store like this survives and appears to thrive.
So there you go – if you’re in Fort Lauterdale and in need of some kinky gear then you should definitely give it a go. Staff were great and I was particularly impressed with their albums featuring some of the custom made leather work they had completed over the years.
Oh and it turns out you can get an large metal ball stretcher through airport security in your carry on. Good to know.