Folsom East is a kink street fair held in NYC on West 27th Street – perfectly positioned to give everyone walking down the High Line a great view of the shenanigans. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the afternoon. Essentially, it’s just one block with a range of stalls, a stage, and somewhere selling beer. It was a warm day, and provided a great excuse for lots of boys to get their shirts off. The stalls were interesting but there weren’t a very large number of them. It was an excuse to dress up, to see and be seen. A few flogging displays, some bondage, a large number of puppies running around (which always makes event more adorable). I wouldn’t classify Folsom East as an unmissable event, but what it interesting is that it then leads into other events that night, including a packed night at the Eagle (check out the pics of the long line to get in), and the New York Bondage Club had a very busy evening. Kudos to the leather boys, the furries and the rubber men who had a VERY hot day in their gear. I’d like to give a special shout out to the Rangers of the High Line who were positioned on the High Line overlooking the festivities to explain to curious onlookers what was going on. I chatted with one fucking adorable ranger who told me about some of the reactions had by the tourists – which were hilarious and generally extremely supportive.  🙂

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