Bram is a fucking hottie! He came over for his second session and it was awesome. He’s a passionate boy and I really enjoy playing with him. He was blindfolded and manhandled (I’m a full head taller than him), and roped up. He had expressed interest in being sounded and so I prepared my gear. I’m going to talk about sounding safety in another post, but it involved alcohol to sterilise everything and sterile lube. His piss hole is really small – he said later that he used to be able to piss twenty feet as a child – and he was only able to take the smallest sound. I used my favourite type – the oval ball on the end of a thin rod. I had deliberately restrained his hands so that he would be able to reach his cock to feel the sound sinking deeper and deeper. He really enjoyed the sensation – but said it was incredibly intense. Afterwards, there was lots of ass play, and I couldn’t resist leaving two bite marks in his ass cheeks – I wonder how long they will last?  We fucked and made out for ages – and considering he hasn’t been fucked at all this year, he really took it well.  🙂  I’m really looking forward to our next session.

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